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[Editor’s note] a lazy mood, a lazy life, a lazy woman …… experience carefully, all these are in this lazy text. At dusk, when the setting sun went west, the roaring sound of the sky still came into my dirty ears uninvited. That was telling me that you were still in the city and could not escape from my devil’s palm. The dim sky was covered with thick hot air. On this day, after the rain, it was still so hot, as if to make us ordinary people living in the secular world more heartless. I went out for a walk with some friends, but it was after dinner. Today, butterfly said that dinner was late in Sichuan. Actually, it was not necessarily true. It was not too early for us to start eating at five or six o’clock, but today is an exception. After sitting by the computer for six busy and full hours, I don’t feel tired. Chatting with everyone is a happy thing, it added a little smile to my ordinary life, and reviewing articles was also my wish. I just thought about it quietly, but there was a little loneliness in my heart. Someone once said that the more you think, the more annoyance you will feel, the more you will feel like the blue silk on your head, eliminating the crazy growth. Maybe life is such a process, finding out the crux of annoyance and then solving it, then I continued to look for it, and solved it again and again, circling back and forth until I couldn’t see the setting sun on the horizon. Then why do I do this cycle? Is life a void? I don’t know either. It was better to say “sweeping” than “taking a walk”. From supermarket to clothing store to shoe store, everyone had a big bag with both hands, and only I was empty. Look at you, follow us and don’t buy anything. We seldom accompany you out. Why don’t you do it and help me carry a bag to see if it is a sense of accomplishment? Gently stroking the cup of Earl in his hand, sometimes sucking, looking at the cunning eyes of his friends, this sense of accomplishment is better for you to enjoy by yourself. After all, you won’t accept any money. I looked at her with a faint smile. Forget it. I won’t go shopping with you next time. I don’t know who is talking about it. Let’s go out for a walk. You are suffocating every day when you stay here. Let’s go. Let’s go out with me. Okay, okay, stingy. It’s very cute to raise the thin lips. As soon as she came out, she went straight to the restaurant and ate a bowl of Maocai. We ran to the supermarket, but this was also expected, because she never went for a walk leisurely. The night was confused, the sky was still so dark, but the roadside lights had surrounded me, and I could not enjoy the darkness of nature. The willows on the head swung its light and graceful figure. I didn’t know why it was called Liulin until I went to Wenjiang park with him some time ago, seeing the willows waving to me all over the sky, I suddenly realized. The so-called willow forest the willow forest is also the willow forest. My friend was wandering behind with two big bags, and I was pointing the way in front. I used to say that the moonlight was like water, and the moonlight in the country was always cold, because I was the only one staring at the Moonlight at home. The Light brilliance could not shine on my life. The moonlight in the city also seemed confused, which made me confused. Fortunately, there was no moonlight tonight. Maybe I came out. It turned out that I didn’t like it. Today, it can finally be proud and qualified to dislike me. After running around the green lawn for several times, I felt sad in my heart. It seemed that only when I was busy could I feel the value of my existence. It was said that I was also a workaholic like uncle, who knows? 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