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I don’t have many friends, the cover should talk to. Girlfriend looks really flattered: low subsystems, body fat, black skin and a round face, short neck, chunky waist, narrow hip. Plus a loose ponytail. Walking slow. For girlfriend own words is a full bloom Black Peony. However, waters run deep. Girlfriend vision expanses of we all were impressed. She read a lot, very miscellaneous. Memory and good. What occasions have she said. To elegant, she will give you about Zhong Ziqi and Yu Boya, speak hold zhu xin of Mei-sheng, speak rotten ke ren Wang Zhi to vulgar, she will tell you of Riddle meat answer, can speak meat riddle of answer (which some indecent, not for example) and ya zhong with vulgar. (For example, she said, give you a riddle guessing: Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law——play a scenery sights. Hint, in Shandong, very famous. We all can’t guess. She said, haha, Taishan sunrise. A confusion after, collective laugh inverted). Of course, couplets, allusions, character story, poetry, she can to two down son. Have her in place, always full of laughter. Maybe, readers will strange, this nice Ah, how can count Savage? Oh, don’t worry, you look down. Unit shifted in the new leadership. Head is a little fat. So lazy and not capable, all by in front of your superior fawning, snitch dawdle. Opinions have been evident. However, colleagues mostly take self-preservation attitude. But, my girlfriend don’t, her savage face to the exposed! Day, higher-level to meeting, criticism when we usually joke Groupon right came out. Everyone very anger. Girlfriend in unit write notice on the blackboard wrote a joint: East, West, guard, and a jiu qian-year-old; Beigua, pumpkin, black melon, plus a old pumpkin. We are secretly admire girlfriend courage, secretly to her vertical thumb. In the end, it is of course leaders saw sneak wipe off. A, leader asked to assault check. Unit meeting assigned the task of writing learning materials. Head over and stressed: to write, hurry turn. Write to their office writing, who write you left, I led you learning. Everyone an poured forth, but girlfriend isn motionless, sat there do serious learning like appearance. Head waited and waited, ask: how do you not? Something? Girlfriend said earnestly: leadership, I can’t write, you led learning. Head helpless, had to asked softly: I gave you read it, or you take the book taken their own? You said? Friends ask. Or, you can see for yourself? I also have something.? Head take out all the gentle. Face always is full leather smile uncomfortable. Well. But for you busy, I do want you led learning learning. That only I taught myself. Friends said bravely, heart is unable to bear to titters. Girlfriend’s son in the simulation test results nice. Head said to his girlfriend Wang Liang girlfriend son) of English slightly worse, have pressed on with Urge, fight for testing a focus. Girlfriend interface: Thank the leadership care. I Wang Liang said, study hard, your father *** uselessness, you de zhong for point. Future not timid people of gas. Bullied we also by in employing of gas! Head Zheng, piece Zhang, said nothing, turned away. Open unit staff meeting, head is layout this year’s journals subscription task: Party newspapers each yi bai, from pay card in direct deduction; Education bao kan lei, Henan education per person, dual-career also no, have. Other education newspapers and give to our unit, everyone shared equally, each need to pay 65.48 yuan girlfriend already unable to bear, snapped, stand up: Nevermind among his forget it, how leaders have become traitors, help people home exploitation people such a thing accumulated more, head of course is angry. -And can’t. Shall have to use their guns and. Heard he is ready to use appointment excuse, girlfriend transferred to country. -Final aren’t met. Because he was advised to: people of good job out, your reason for not fully. In addition, her temper, you actually had her annoyed, she afraid? If blindly against you, suffer or you! You work in where can I no vulnerability? Wanted to think, head fear is also broke out in a cold sweat, also nothing definite. Just give you a life in the story: girlfriend home Mountain has many Hawthorn, Hawthorn is can be used to blood pressure. Last summer I and she ride with pick Hawthorn. Harvest quite abundant, fast noon, we all pick have half basket. -Hot days badly, really scorch like fire, seedlings crops semi-kujiao! Ravine have Clear Water Bay, we a pounding, drink stomach round. After, girlfriend feel unsatisfied, proposed a natural bath. I am scared: Are you crazy? This in the middle of the day! Hi, afraid of what? This place no one. In case someone, early can hear sound, we cough a few fine. Despite that a Clear Water Bay tempting, I still shook his head: I give you keep watch, you washing! Girlfriend quite tough, deft under the water. Oh, comfortable dead! Not had so much washed, and cold you shuang Ouch. Girlfriend suddenly stood up ***, this dead fish! I wonder: you even the snake all not afraid, how afraid fish? That not bitten not place! Not place? I a face of doubt, pondering for a long time before see light suddenly, not laugh, girlfriend also laugh, really up when I stomach ache! People not because of beautiful and cute, but beautiful for being lovely! This word is used in girlfriend most appropriate! Oh, My Sassy Girl’s cute! [Editor in charge: Yu Yiqi]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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