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05:30, the beautiful song “Rain Stone” rang on the phone woke me up again. He stretched a big waist and reluctantly got up and got out of bed. Go straight to the kitchen, rinse the pot, drain the water, hold the rice, light the gas stove, and then start the hot rice. During the time of cooking, I washed my face and brushed my teeth quickly, and then stood in the kitchen waiting until the meal was ready. At 06:00, I started to wake up my wife, my wife, get up, my wife hum, and then continue to sleep. Wife, when I got up, my voice increased by 8 db. Well, my wife’s voice also increased a little. Hearing this, nothing happened again. My wife knew it when she was late for work. She got up hurriedly with a reply and scolded me with a complaint. Why didn’t she call me earlier. At 06:20, after we finished breakfast, BBK began to get up early again to listen to the text in English, which was a wake-up signal specially set to wake up the baby daughter. Until the end of 20 minutes of early listening, the 6-year-old daughter was still quiet in her sweet dream. 06:40, my daughter opened her sleepy eyes unwillingly in my wonderful singing of pulling radish. The wife took her into her arms quickly, began to wash her face, and then fed her with water, clothes and shoes. (Because it is winter, my daughter is not very good at wearing many clothes herself) I stood aside and kept helping, listening to my wife’s arrangement, and preparing her schoolbag and school supplies for kindergarten. At 07:00, my wife and I sent our daughter downstairs to the kindergarten. Then we went to work separately, and the tense and fulfilling day officially began. At 08:00, I rushed to the company and started a new job with everything ready. At 09:00, the leader called me to the office and asked me to handle a telegram sent by the superior. The procedure is very simple, just pass the telegram to all leaders, and it will be done. At 09:20, Xiao Li, a colleague of the company, found me and sent me a wedding invitation, so that I must attend Sheraton Wanda Plaza Hotel on New Year’s Day. I overdrawn my pocket money in advance this month. Send him away and then circulate the telegram to the leader. 09:45, Zhang Ge, a colleague of the unit, came to me to borrow a book and returned the book I borrowed last time by the way. 10:12, Xiao Zhu from the mail room sent the newspaper of that day, so I began to browse through the newspaper. The only newspapers sent to me were people’s daily and Daqing daily, and the rest were sent to the section chief. When I read the newspaper, I just glanced at it briefly. When I saw the good article, I quickly took it off with scissors. Then he tore the newspaper in half from one to another, so as to make the paper for practicing calligraphy at noon. 11:00, busy all morning, start to adjust, relax. So I stood at the window and looked out of the distance, and felt silly. 11:20, dinner time is up, go downstairs to the canteen of the unit for dinner. At 11:40, I went back to the office to spread the felt, found the writing brush and inkstone, and began to copy the ink “de Chen Tie” written by Mi Fu, a famous calligrapher in Song Dynasty. The practice was fixed for 30 minutes. 12:00, when I was about to sleep, I suddenly remembered that the thing my eldest brother asked me to do several days ago had not been done yet. So he immediately took a taxi to the post office and delivered the materials he needed by Express. Location, Jiangning, Nanjing. 13:40, when I returned to work, I found that there was not much time to work in the afternoon, so I leaned against the chair and squinted. At 14:00, the work bell rang crazily for half a minute, only heard the sound of opening the door, walking, talking and coughing in the corridor, and the work began officially in the afternoon. 14;50, the leader came to me again and asked me to sort out the annual events of Corey and asked him to hand them to him tomorrow afternoon. It was really urgent. The whole afternoon was full of shadows of memorabilia. At 17:00, it was time to get off work again, so I simply cleaned up the office, changed into clothes and hurried home. At 18:10, I came to the kindergarten to pick up my daughter (my wife is busier than me at ordinary times, and I have finished the task of taking her home). At 18:17, when I got home, I began to assign my daughter the evening homework of that day (this was added on the basis of her finishing the homework assigned by the kindergarten). She also instructed her to review and preview the texts arranged by the English school, read and read the book “family names. At 18:30, my wife came home and began to cook dinner. At this time, I went to the kitchen to help my daughter learn, picking vegetables, washing vegetables and dumping garbage. At 19:30, the whole family began to have dinner. At 20:00, after dinner, my wife took her daughter to wash together. I began to clean up the bowl while cleaning up. At 20:30, after washing, they watched TV. It was my turn to start washing. I also urged them to hurry to sleep. (When the child is young, he should ensure a good sleep time, and his wife will work overtime until 19:00 tomorrow. This is what she has done, and it is very hard.) At 21:00, they were finally driven to bed by me. I sat next to the computer, opened the computer and logged on to the online website of prose, read beautiful articles, commented articles, visited friends, inspired me and started the most relaxing moment of the day, by the way, go to other websites to browse the world’s major events. 23:00, feel tired, turn it off and sleep. 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