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[Introduction]: people are accustomed to the feeling of homesickness. When they are at home, they may not have too deep feelings for the loess. After leaving that land and moving away from home, I missed my distant hometown day and night. This National Day is also the Mid-Autumn Festival. The stars were shining, the golden autumn was fragrant, 56 nations revelled in wine, and hundreds of millions of people’s hearts surged; The breeze was blowing, the night of the North Country, My Heart flew thousands of miles, and my dream galloped across thousands of miles. On the night of national day, I was happy for my footsteps landing on the land of the capital and for the 60-year prosperity of my motherland. On this affectionate night, Mr. Sun from Beijing caidun Jian’an Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. warmly entertained us and hosted a banquet at his company’s residence to entertain our wandering children. Sun was always born in the 1950 s, an authentic Beijinger. In his own words, he really witnessed the earth-shaking of Beijing and the development of the motherland with most of his life. He counted his fingers, 54 years, 59 years, 84 years, 99 years, Daqing again and again, from a baby to today’s prime age, every time I have experienced that exciting moment. As a Chinese son and daughter under a flourishing age, as a new Beijinger, I really have a feeling of standing on the historical elevated. We watched the National Day gala, drank and chatted, and enjoyed the masterpieces of our compatriots from the gorgeous TV screen. We all lamented the rapid development of our motherland’s science and technology and the exquisite artistic concept. Seeing the scenes on the screen, we can also hear the bursts of salute from Tian’anmen direction from the clear sky outside the window. In the daytime, we also watched the military parade in this way. The plane flew over our heads. With a burst of cheers from all the people, it had already crossed the sky of Tiananmen Square in a low way, around the solemn and magnificent ancient city, pay tribute to the chief. This moment is worth celebrating! This moment and unforgettable! Our wine glasses were empty again and again, but passion poured into our hearts again and again. Maybe only wine can soothe our passionate heart at all moments of joy and sorrow. I believe that at this moment, Comrade Lao Hu must also have a good drink, grinning with his lips open. Maybe they use Moutai to suppress the endless joy in their hearts, while we also use Erguotou to suppress the excitement and boldness in our hearts. Immersed in the festive atmosphere of the capital, I completely forgot my hard wandering. In life, what we pursue is not absolute wealth, nor absolute fame and wealth. At the end of those floating memories, we have picked up a noble belief which is enough to comfort ourselves. Looking back on the ups and downs of the Chinese nation in modern times, we deeply feel that prosperity is the road that really drives us to the road of well-off. As the ancients said, the country is rich and the people are strong. This is an eternal ode. As individuals, we should pay less attention to wealth and fame, so that we can pay more attention to life and make ourselves live with weight. No matter to what extent the society develops, we will have different beliefs, preferences, and different division of labor, and the only thing that condenses us is a United heart, A heart striving for progress. We should draw the power of confidence and the source of wisdom from our mother’s body. People are accustomed to homesickness. They don’t have too deep feelings for those loess when they are at home. After leaving that land and going far away from home, I missed my distant hometown day and night. This National Day is also the Mid-Autumn Festival. For the first time, I drifted thousands of miles away. This night, I lay outside the Imperial City, listening to the beautiful singing of the Moon, feeling the sound and breath of the night in Beijing, rolling up my thoughts like waves, to my friends, to my relatives, to my lover. Ma Weiqi told me in his voice that this night was the night closest to the chairman. I think this sentence is humorous and aftertaste for me. Tonight, I sang a gentle love song and slept in that spacious high-heeled shoes. Tonight, I stuck to the heart of my motherland and recalled those distant histories. 2009 nian 10 yue 2 Day morning in Beijing [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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