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There was a fool in the town who was not born. At the age of 5, only he survived in a gas poisoning incident, his father, who slept with him in the House, pushed him out of the door with his last strength and gave up. From then on, he would only laugh foolishly, whether happy or sad, it is said that the brain was damaged. The fool also had a beautiful mother and a lovely sister. He always asked *** mom where his father had gone, *** mom told him: Dad died, and he turned into a star and went to the sky, he is looking at us in the sky. Fools lie on the lawn in the yard every night and watch the stars, laughing foolishly while watching. When the fool was 11 years old, his mother who loved him died of kidney disease. Before he died, he told the fool to take good care of his younger sister, who was 6 years old at that time. A fool could only laugh foolishly, and he would look at the stars every night. He said there was one more star in the sky. That was his mother, next to his father. With the help of the kind-hearted people, the fool set up a crude fast food stall, making sandwiches, which was not far from my sister’s school. A fool never dares to enter his sister’s room when he is at home, because his sister hates him. His sister cares about having such a fool brother, but he likes to lie at the door of his sister and watch his sister read books. Every time when his sister finds him, he hid like a child who did something wrong, and then smiled foolishly, not knowing whether he was happy or sad. Fools get up early every morning to prepare breakfast for their younger sister and then go to the fast food stall to work. The only love in the evening is to watch the stars… Fool’s craft is very good. Sandwiches are made like those in restaurants. Teachers and students all like to buy breakfast at his stall, but no one knows that a fool has a beautiful sister who goes to school, because the younger sister cares that others know that a fool is her brother, and a fool only smiles foolishly, whether sad or happy. A fool works very hard, but he never spends money. No one knows why he works so hard to earn money. Fools often hurt their hands when they work, and there is often a lack of shoes on their feet. My younger sister will say: cutting a dish will hurt their hands, and shoes will also be lost, why don’t you lose yourself! What a fool! Hearing this, the fool still smiled foolishly, not knowing whether he was happy or sad.. Fools would write some words on a notebook every night before going home to sleep, * whimsy, but fools would never show her, and hide them after finishing writing, my sister tried it several times but didn’t find it.. Finally, he didn’t pay attention to what he was writing. The Fool was 17 years old. At that time, his sister was already in junior high school. The fool’s stall also moved to a place not far from his sister’s school, selling breakfast every day, walking around the school, he always wore a very shabby and dirty clothes, and there was always one less shoe on his feet, but he would also put on an apron in a decent manner when he was working, still only giggle. One day, Hou, who was selling breakfast at the stall, heard two female students talking about his sister’s name, saying that she had a bad face and a severe backache after she came to class in the morning. After hearing this, the fool stayed for a while, then suddenly called her name loudly, threw off his work and ran to school. He just shouted her name loudly, rushing through the blocking of the school guard and the teacher, I ran to my sister’s classroom and saw her lying on the desk with sallow face and cold sweat. The Fool didn’t laugh silly this time, but her face turned out to be anxious, she called her sister’s name and carried her sister to the hospital. On the way, I met a teacher from the school and asked him: what do you do? Put her down! The fool blushed because of anger: she… It’s my sister, I.. Is her brother. The fool repeated this sentence all the way and ran to the hospital near the school with his sister behind his back. The teachers and students in the school were surprised because they had never heard that she had a brother.. The fool looked at her sister outside the ward. She had already woken up, while the fool had stayed outside the ward for 3 days and 3 nights. The doctor who treated her told her: Don’t worry, your brother has already prepared your medical expenses. My younger sister looked up to the fool brother outside the door with difficulty, with some doubts about sleepless eyes. At this time, the Fool returned to normal again. He smiled at his sister foolishly, but dared not to enter. The doctor told his sister that he often went to the fool’s stall to buy breakfast long ago. He knew that the fool had been working very hard, and he also knew that the fool never spent money, he had never understood why a fool earned so much money, until today he finally understood. Because the fool shouted when he found him behind his sister-: Mom.. That’s how I died… Please.. Save his sister.. I.. Don’t sister die! It turned out that the fool’s mother told the fool when she was alive that his sister also had severe kidney disease, and asked him to take good care of his sister…. The doctor told his younger sister that she needed a kidney transplant for her illness. His fool brother had paid enough for the kidney transplant, but he had not found a suitable kidney source. The doctor told his sister that when the fool knew that his sister’s disease needed kidney replacement, he shouted to him: use… My.. I am she.. Brother, but the result of the examination is that the kidney of the fool is not suitable. The Fool knows the result and looks very depressed, so he keeps saying: I am.. Her brother. The doctor understood the fool’s meaning: I am her brother, why can’t my kidney be exchanged for my sister. The fool was still looking at his sister outside the ward, laughing foolishly. At this moment, my sister had already burst into tears. Looking at the silly brother outside the door who had always made her feel ashamed, she said to him in a weak voice: What are you doing outside the door? Why don’t you come in. The fool stayed for a while and said timidly: I… Can come in? My sister nodded with tears. The fool came to his sister’s sickbed with his hands behind his back. The sister asked him why he carried his hands behind his back and insisted on seeing his hands. The Fool stretched out his hands with bandages on his hands and only one shoe, it was scraped when my sister hung her hands on the way to the hospital and lost one of the shoes. My sister also said as before: Why are you so stupid? If your hand is hurt again, your shoes will also be lost! It’s just that when I talked about him this time, my eyes were full of tenderness and heartache… This was the first time that he entered her room with the permission of his sister after becoming a fool.. As time went by, my sister’s illness became more and more serious, and she fell into coma from time to time… With the unremitting efforts of the enthusiastic doctors, the suitable kidney source was finally found. The operation was very successful, and the younger sister was finally saved from death, but when she woke up, she didn’t see that familiar silly smiling face… The doctor told her that her brother went to work far away in order to pay her medical expenses. When she recovered completely, he would pick her up and ask her to recover at ease.. My sister recycles a Crooked Letter every few days, which was written by her fool brother. The content is simple and the same: I am fine, and you should recuperate well… On the day of leaving hospital, the fool didn’t come to the hospital to pick up her sister. The sister only received a lovely fluffy bear given by the doctor. The fluffy bear’s feet were unexpectedly covered with blood… The doctor told her that because the expenses paid by the Fool were only enough for her kidney replacement, and the hospitalization expenses for such a long time were also very large. In order to pay the hospitalization expenses for her, the fool sold breakfast every day, I also went to find other jobs, as long as I could make money, even if it was to do shit. The doctor told the fool the good news of finding the kidney source when he came to the hospital to see his sister. He still smiled foolishly and bowed politely to the doctor, then said to the doctor: I.. I want to give it to my sister.. Buy a gift.. And other.. Sister.. Wake up.. The fool dragged his tired body and went to the store happily to buy a snow-white fluffy bear… Maybe he was too tired and in a trance. He was hit by a speeding car when crossing the road on his way back to the hospital. He was already in a coma when he was sent to the hospital, but he still grabbed the plastic bag of the fluffy bear in his hand, and the blood dripped on the fluffy bear’s feet along his hand… When leaving, he said to the doctor: Bear… To.. Sister, then left with a silly smile, I don’t know whether he is sad or happy…. The doctor told his younger sister that those letters were written by him imitating the handwriting of a fool. He said he knew that a fool certainly didn’t want you to know that he was gone before you recovered, the doctor said he wanted to help the fool fulfill his wish, so he wrote those letters… The younger sister held the snow-white fluffy bear blankly, without any sound for a long time. She went back home silently. The room was very rough, but it was very tidy, especially in my sister’s room, which was even more tidy than when she was at home, but the surface of the furniture had been covered with a thin layer of dust, there is a potted flower on the desk, which is very bright. Beside the flowerpot, there is a very beautiful card with a line of crooked words: Welcome your sister home! The fool was preparing to welcome his younger sister home when he knew that his younger sister would recover soon! But at this moment, she could no longer hear that silly laughter! My sister came to the fool’s room and found there was a smell of sandwich on the notebook that she had always wanted to see when sorting out the fool’s relics, above is the crooked handwriting left by a fool: my sister likes to sleep late, and be light when getting up early. Don’t wake her sister up. She doesn’t like to eat sandwiches or instant noodles in the morning, before getting up early, I will do a good job for her. My sister doesn’t like me to enter her room. She doesn’t like me to be too close to her. She can’t enter her room without her consent. My sister doesn’t like others to know that I am her brother, absolutely let her classmates know that I am her brother and sister are in poor health, but I must not let her know that she has the same illness as my mother. I will try my best to save money for my sister. Finally, my sister can be cured. My sister cried loudly with a fool’s notebook in her arms. Since then, my sister likes to lie on the lawn in the yard and watch the stars every night just like a fool before, but there is one more star in the sky. That is her fool brother, next to his parents, they are all in the sky with her Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. 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