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[Introduction] in the afternoon, I went to the new Chaoyang shopping mall to do something. When I went downstairs for a long time, I still couldn’t find a parking spot. The place where the car was kept was full. Finally, I had to go to shengshitong mobile phone city to place, just paused at the corner of Nanning Hotel gate before crossing the road. The weather forecast two days ago said that cold air began to invade the southern situation of our country from west to east again. Today’s Nanning finally changed from the sunny days to gloomy and cold wind. Therefore, people hurriedly added clothes. The bright smile on their faces seemed to be less bold and unrestrained, and their curling bodies also added a lot of sigh to the language. Although the roads near the city were still full of smoke and dust due to the running of the vehicles for development, and the streets in the city were also crowded and busy, it seemed that the Green City had lost some vitality due to the weather. I got up relatively late these days, even later today. Yesterday was the adult day of my big nephew. I had dinner with several cousins and sisters-in-law and some classmates of my big nephew in Anji. They drank and punched fiercely, although I didn’t participate much, but I still accompanied them until the end of the banquet, came back to the net, washed and slept. This morning, I went to the front gate of the school to attend an interview about the investment and financing company. When passing the intersection between the East Campus Stadium and the bihuyuan restaurant, I saw a motorcycle lying on the ground, there were some fragments scattered nearby. The front wheels were covered with bright red blood. A private car was parked not far away. The whole scene was surrounded by people with road warning posts. The guards stood in twos and threes, as if whispering, it seems to call quietly. I have to sigh with emotion in my heart: the West University is a place with a wide land and beautiful scenery, and it is also a place with many things. For so many years, almost every year there are some programs, such as theft, fighting, car accident, jumping off a building, rape, electric disaster and fire, etc. Although everyone can enjoy the beautiful wind, birds and flowers, green vegetation, water ripples, Willow Banks and other scenery as much as possible everyday, however, the high-spirited students may not be able to erase the flaws of their alma mater in their memory all their lives. After lunch, many people in the QQ group were talking about the fire in the food plaza of the East Gate of West University. They sent some live pictures, which attracted great attention from students of the Western University and spread a lot for a while, such great interest reflects from the side that some students are idle after the exam. It is no wonder that in one semester, the most famous snack street in the East and West Campuses was burnt one after another. The relevance of the incident and the suspicion of the situation had to cause a vigorous divergence of opinions. Settled in East 0 building classmates is right place, in the first time for everyone to do real-time reports, and give full play to geographic advantage. Shortly after the fire broke out, the East Gate of West University became a real downtown. People stopped to watch one after another, only to find that the top of the food Plaza building was full of raging flames, rising huge and towering mushroom clouds, which was so spectacular. In the afternoon, I went to the new Chaoyang shopping mall to do something. When I went downstairs for a long time, I still couldn’t find a parking spot. The place where the car was kept was full. Finally, I had to go to shengshitong mobile phone city to place it, just paused at the corner of the gate of Nanning Hotel before crossing the road, and suddenly found a middle-aged man like a farmer squatting at the foot of the wall of Nanning Hotel, there was a small load of red fruit in front of him, which looked like a plum, but was smaller than a plum. In fact, the shape was also different. It looked round and fresh, so I hurried to see it, I was sure it was the fruit I didn’t know, so I asked the eldest brother Curiously. He just paused for a while and didn’t look at me. I asked again, he answered me directly that it was heroin. I haven’t reacted yet. I just feel that it is quite fresh. Oh, then I was a little awakened and continued to confirm twice, it’s heroin? He answered so affirmatively! I was dumbfounded with a little thought. Suddenly, two ladies passing by asked him how much the result cost as if nothing had happened. He said that it was more than thirty yuan per jin, so the two ladies shook their heads and left quickly. He seemed to be talking to himself and telling me that this was what rich people would eat ……. I answered noncommittedly that he dared not eat even if he was rich, so he took care of the car in a hurry. Compared with a few days ago, it’s really cold today. I went shopping at night. In a building in the center of the city, I wandered around the clothes shop for a long time and almost got hot sweat, fortunately, with the help of others, I successfully bought two fashionable coats and felt much warmer in my heart. Inside the building and outside the building are really two days of Ice and Fire. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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