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In this world, all living individuals have desires, including animals and plants. Let’s talk about plants. Grass and trees all have desires. Their desire is to absorb more sunshine and rain, and then blossom and bear fruit, leaving seeds, the most primitive desire for reproduction. Besides, animals have a little more desire than plants. They need to eat, wear, live, find mates and then reproduce. People have more Desires. Besides basic necessities of life, they also have more fun. Furthermore, they also have the desire to control rights and so on. In order to satisfy these desires, people constantly invent and create machines, guns and currencies. Desire, half of which is Angel, the other half is devil, once out of control, will lead people to evil. Desire promotes social progress, but it also breeds evil and becomes a disaster star to destroy order and civilization. The ancients said: people die for money, birds die for food. As the saying goes, people don’t have a heart. It has existed since ancient times that desire is hard to calm down, which is caused by desire. Zhu Zaiyu’s Sanqu “ten deficiencies” in Ming Dynasty wrote that only for hunger can we have food and clothes. Put it on lingluo, and look up and think the house is low. Build high buildings and buildings, but there are few beautiful wives in front of the bed. Yiquanquan went to the magistrate’s position and said that the official position was low. As soon as I climbed to the senior position of the cabinet, I thought every day to ascend the throne. One day, I would like to play chess in the South. Dong Bin played chess with him, and asked where was the ladder? The ladder was not made, the King of Hell issued a card to urge. If not this person deadline to, up to ladder also too low. Look at how ridiculous the man’s endless pursuit of desire described by sanqu is. If it weren’t for the timely licensing of the King of Hell, the uncontented person would have been the Jade Emperor on that day. Some people in life are like this. This desire is realized, and another desire begins to appear again, which goes round and round, accompanying people’s whole life. If a desire cannot be satisfied, it will be cooked like soup all day long. Imagine what fun is there in such a life? Therefore, the ancients said: The disaster is much greater than the greed, and the wealth is not full of contentment. Desire is the inherent nature of life. If there is desire, there will be emotional impulse. If you have emotional impulse, you must be moderate. The ancients controlled their desires through self-cultivation, and if they had feelings, they must have the function of restraint. In life, I feel uncomfortable when I have more social parties. If you know more people and have more things to do, the relationship will be complicated. Moderate, adjust the attitude of life, distinguish between desire and action. It is hard for people not to make mistakes, but they should keep their heads clear. Sober up, some mistakes are actually a kind of experience, for life and life, it is a kind of acquisition. What is temperance? In the complexity, find your own position and measure what you want with the standard you need, so that life will keep its original track, at least not out of control. What we need to do now and what we will do in the future is to maintain effective control over life so that we can do things correctly and do the right things. Why moderation? Some people need to maintain and some things need to be done, but they are never greedy, that is, they can’t do anything. Speaking of it, we should not only desire it, but also be able to resist it. Maybe this kind of life is relatively tiring, or it may lose self-expression. However, after all, the expediency should give way to the long-term solution. Only in this way can we realize everything we really want. The same is the desire of human beings. The flood is as fierce as a flood. Controlling and balancing will promote the growth of life. Or a passage in the Bible goes well: God has given you destiny, and you should not abandon it; He has established laws for you, and you should not surpass it; He prohibits you from doing many things, don’t offend it; He intentionally keeps silent about something. Don’t spend your energy exploring it. How to do moderation? Doing things smoothly, resolving disputes for others, sorting out thoughts and emotions, purifying the soul, repeatedly investigating and finding the key points, paying attention to self-needs while taking into account others’ wishes, being diligent in frugality, helping each other, etc, are says Isaac. Be conscientious, trustworthy, sincere and enthusiastic, and do things and treat others in your own way of doing things. Less thinking, less demanding others, less fearless invitation, make your mind comply with your true nature. Indeed, it is very difficult to be a man. After all, a moderate person is a person with awe. We respect the bottom line of the society, the truth, goodness and beauty of the world, and the gift of nature, so that we will not be suspended, down-to-earth, follow the Earth, and our heart is in the sky. In the face of desire, we might as well learn from Zeng Zi and reflect on it three times a day. We don’t abstinence or sex, and try our best to make desire suitable. The balance of desire is a good balance between biological desire and social desire, low-level desire and high-level desire. Biological desires such as material desire, financial desire and lust must be placed in a correct position and coordinated with their own living environment. At the same time, they are sagaciously and rationally restricted by social environment. As early as a few years ago, I said that I would stop seeing desire for virtue. To be more specific, in the aspect of interpersonal communication, we should communicate with each other in the heart and in a pure and moderate way. In the aspect of work and study, you should have sharp intuition, stable working condition and outstanding memory. In the aspect of wealth, we can gain profits from the circulating funds. Make friends with friends without affectation, and care for friends is considerate. In the aspect of healthy life, I am good at self-adjusting body functions and maintaining a healthy life and rules. More specifically, in life, ears listen to all kinds of sounds, eyes look good in all kinds of colors, nose wants to smell all kinds of fragrance, mouth likes to eat all kinds of delicious food. Voice, color and delicacy improve people’s desire. No matter what kind of people feel, they all have the same feeling, but in the face of voice, color and delicacy, their ways of expression are different, which is temperance. Temperance is a good living condition, not only in work, life and study, but also in eating and playing. Doing anything is the same. Many things have nothing to do with abstinence. Abstinence means don’t indulge in playing and falling down, don’t show off yourself, don’t talk nonsense and don’t lose your temper. Temperance is a kind of virtue. Through self-choice, we choose what we want to do or can’t do. People who can control can do something in work and life and even in all activities. In a word, being moderate all the time means truth, goodness and beauty. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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