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Hope have

After lunch, my colleague took his son and asked him to try on the new cotton-padded jacket that he just bought online. Although he is a boy and just in the first grade, he is a boy who loves beauty very much. I remember one day last week, he wore a new cotton-padded jacket whichRead More



[Introduction]: I still miss him occasionally, and I still miss him occasionally. I regard him as an old friend, which makes me feel distressed and worried, but there is no spark in my heart In this season, the cloud cluster in the city is always very low, and the wind is very urgent, as ifRead More



Today is Mother’s Day! Early in the morning, my daughter bought carnation flowers and cream cake to congratulate my holiday! I was very happy to receive I am gift from my daughter, but several so-called blessing messages disturbed my mood and made me laugh and cry! The Imperial edict arrives: Mother’s festival is coming, andRead More


Love Me

Another year and one year older, the idea of homesickness went further. Mother often said that when children grow up, they need to do their own business and take care of their families. As long as they are safe, they will be the happiness of their whole life; In mother’s eyes, I will always beRead More



The weekend came as scheduled, especially cold and lonely. The several people who lived together were not there. At this moment, they could not find anything to kill the silence. The time passed so slowly and so slowly. After reading the letters from friends from afar, I imagined that I could walk along the memoryRead More



Once, I thought love could last forever! Unexpectedly, eternity is a word that is too gorgeous and vulnerable! Once, I thought that face to face with you was the shortest distance, but I didn’t realize that the distance between heart and heart was a whole circle around the Earth! Once, I thought that my friendsRead More



Sometimes I want to rely on someone, something. My heart is a dry well, and there is no moist spring to support me. So I especially need those gentle and caring. But sometimes, others tell me that gentleness and care also charge. I suddenly found that I actually had nothing. So gradually I dare notRead More