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zui yin

[Introduction] is it too far and outrageous for me to think? I had to hurry back to my thoughts on the wrong topic and got on the bus with everyone. Along the way, I was drunk by everyone’s versatile. To be honest, this trip to Laiwu is really worth it! The first time I went out so far, to be honest, I felt a little uneasy. When the good news came from teacher Zhou Shenbao, I chose to start again after giving up the trip to Laiwu. I feel quite happy these days. Needless to say, even Meng’er has already been flying to Laiwu uncontrollably. I was familiar with Laiwu earlier, because Laiwu had business contacts with our company, and because Laiwu had written about the relationship in my hand, Laiwu was also a VIP in our company! Therefore, when teacher Zhou Shenbao gave me the chance to renew Laiwu again, I couldn’t help longing for it. I took the train from over six o’clock in the morning to over six o’clock in the evening to the embrace of dalaiwu. When I called teacher Zhou Shenbao to report my whereabouts to dalaiwu, what made me drunk most was that teacher Zhou Shenbao called out my name and welcomed me like a child at the other end of the phone. I remember when I was young, when I heard that there were guests at home, I was very happy and secretly felt that the guests were very close and curious, and I can also eat at least a meal of many good dishes which are hard to eat at ordinary times with my guests, no matter how happy I will be. I don’t know whether teacher Zhou Shenbao felt the same as me at that time. However, at this moment, I think the word Laiwu contains the meaning of wine. When teacher Zhou Shenbao arranged me to stay in the same room with teacher Zhou Xia, I was also drunk by teacher Zhou Xia’s delicate and elegant spirit. Teacher Zhou Xia told me that she was a teacher in a special school, because I had never heard of such a school before, I was a little confused at that time. Teacher Zhou Xia saw my doubt and explained it to me patiently and gently. Alas! Because I seldom touch things outside, I am ashamed of my ignorance. Therefore, I admire Zhou Xia, the teacher in this great special school from my heart! When he almost poured all the fatigue of the day to the soft bed, when he found the dream, teacher Zhou Shenbao suddenly called and said that he wanted me to come to the stage tomorrow morning to give an acceptance speech, I was stunned at once! In fact, I am a very introverted person, because of fear of loneliness, fear of the crowd far away from me, but pretend to fall between the beauty and humanity, this is very good! Tomorrow, I was asked to go on stage to face those bright eyes and affectionate people and talk nonsense. To be honest, I was a little timid, and even more nervous, I had no courage at all. Alas, I wanted to have a good dream in this other place, but I was scared off by a military order issued by teacher Zhou Shenbao! On the morning of 23th, as expected, I woke up without dreams. Teacher Zhou Shenbao arranged us to go to the award Hall after breakfast, saying that after the award pen meeting, he would take us to visit Longshan in the afternoon. Speaking of Longshan, I don’t know why. I always feel that Longshan gives me a very mysterious feeling. I thought, if only I really met a real dragon, let it take me to its home, I will guard the door for it, it will plant rain, I will plant flowers, then I can calm down, smell the fragrance and write something, I don’t have to pay attention to the dust, whether I think too far, too wide of the mark? I had to hurry back to my thoughts on the wrong topic and got on the bus with everyone. Along the way, I was drunk by everyone’s versatile. To be honest, this trip to Laiwu is really worth it! Except that I don’t know how I got off the speech platform of the award-winning speech, my memory has already been woven by the whole Laiwu and the whole Longshan. Under the wind, I looked far away at the Dragon Mountain. When the Dragon Mountain was embracing the torch trees, I thought that the bright red fruits of these torches were my gratitude! I followed everyone’s admiration for the torch tree to wander and Muyuan my thoughts. Although the weather was very hot at that time, everyone was very interested, what I admire most is Xu Jiayou, a literary friend of the disabled in Shuyang county! Xu Jiayou is a severely disabled person in Shuyang county. After graduating from high school in 1980, I lost the opportunity to continue studying because of family life difficulties. Although fate made him unable to live like a normal person, he was required to hold the good faith of living and living like a person, tightly gripping the throat of fate and creating his own wonderful life. After knowing these, I silently felt how ashamed I was! I always think that there is injustice in heaven, but I don’t know that outsiders are more bitter than me, and outsiders are more diligent than me! Walking beside Xu Jiayou, a literary friend, I don’t know why. The heart of admiration starts from the eyes and the bottom of my heart. I really love him and always want to help him, however, I looked at him walking up the stairs smartly with his crutches. I looked up at the sky, and looked up at the clouds. I saw a line of clouds, as if it was drawing the standard line for Xu Jiayou to reach the end, I pay tribute to him silently in my heart! My heart smiled, and at the same time, I also stopped myself at the top of the Dragon Mountain faintly and casually! If Laiwu is poetic, then Longshan is picturesque. I remember that teacher Liu Hu once said like this: walking on the picture, it seems that you can touch the edge of heaven as long as you stretch out your hand. The concise picture is bold and powerful in the eyes, making people think about the world and the world. In terms of expressing conception, using Danqing to narrate a kind of freehand brushwork of life, giving people another metaphor of life. It makes people feel angry. I think the Dragon Mountain at this moment is a great work in our hearts! Laiwu is a lyric of love in our hearts! Holding a bunch of butterfly and flower words in hand, I gave it to my beloved teacher Zhou Shenbao first. I really didn’t expect that a gentle scholar-like person could sing and dance well! Teacher Zhou Shenbao not only sang well, but also spoke excellently and excellently in the fast Book. Every movement and expression of him would make us sit and hold our belly and jump. To be honest, people like this should have been born! Just hate the unsealed seal too snobbish, which made us miss many good teachers like Zhou Shenbao! Because I am came from afar for the first time. When teacher Zhou Shenbao learned these, he took care of me as a child. However, how could I have reason to be naive! Therefore, I am particularly touched by what a nice Laiwu person! What an amiable and respectable Laiwu people! In fact, what Mr. Zhou Shenbao did was not only as an organizer, but also representing Laiwu and Longshan, on behalf of the literary circle, they gave their most noble, thickest and most sincere care and friendship to many literary friends who had been destined to gather for thousands of miles! I am drunk again, Drunk in Love, drunk in friendship! Carefully picking a bunch of Cabernet flowers, full of my fragrant posture. Standing on the high ground, I looked at the foot of Longshan Mountain as if I was a little drunk. I was drunk to write the gratitude and love in my heart, and the pride and straightness between writing and writing! I carefully placed them in the river of memory. Before they withered, I carved the height of the face of love in my heart. I kept them forever. At this moment, I seem to feel that teacher Liu Hu’s unique language is stirring up layers of thinking in my heart: the height of life seems to be always so plain. Inadvertently, I have gone through the journey of life one after another, through the years one after another. In plain and light, live in the way of picture and feel a kind of living reality. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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