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Fly xue fei xue

It snowed today, and the original travel plan was forced to give up. Looking at the flying snow all over the sky, I remembered several allusions, first of which was Cheng Menli’s snow. We live in this impetuous era, especially the tens of years of catastrophe experienced by our ancestors and parents. People often disobeyRead More



She was so tired but had to get up Thinking about another beautiful tomorrow It may be the night, and my body is full of troubles In other words, it is a short and comfortable mood But now I wake up and feel so bitter She is a woman who runs counter to others. SheRead More



[Introduction] today, why did teachers plummet? Why do you need a holiday to comfort? In my opinion, politics is irrelevant. For example, in order to meet the needs of political rule, Yuan dynasty listed Confucianism including teachers as the 9th, namely the old nine. For another example, during the Cultural Revolution, teachers were even reducedRead More