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You seem to be the orchid in the empty valley, with a faint fragrance floating silently, lingering in your heart! In those silent nights, your elegant conversation was like the little stars embedded in the night sky, always flashing charming light! Your noble heart is like the bright moonlight, full of my heart! Your thoughtfulness and understanding! It is like the spring breeze on the face, slowly, softly, mixed with light fragrance, which makes people intoxicated! The Internet is a large forest with all kinds of birds in it, but you are the peacock with the screen opening. Meeting you is my fate and the blessing I have cultivated in my previous life! In my eyes, the friendship on the Internet is so fragile, just like the plane made of paper, it will never fly high and not far! But you said, there is also true friendship on the internet, just like our friendship, which is the never-dry Yellow River and the never-flowing Yangtze river! In a flash, my tears were like dew on the lotus leaf, and your touching words were the slight wind. After the wind, could you see my tears fall by you? After talking with you for so long, you have never asked to see me. I know, like you and me, what we care about is each other’s hearts and feelings! In our eyes, the appearance of flowers and moon is just a flower in the wind. There will always be a day of withering. Only the deep conservation and elegant soul is an evergreen tree. Your detachment touches me very much! My friend, in order to let you meet your friends in this virtual world, I uploaded my own photos in the space, let you see that your friends are looking at the disturbing world with their tiny eyes! And the passion permeated with him …… I know that you will not judge my appearance, in your eyes, it is just a pair of sniffing skin! You make me feel sorry for meeting each other late, and I feel that I am looking back at the dusk, but that person is in the dim light! Along the vast sea of nets, you are like a golden fish. Unconsciously, you have swam into my heart! Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. Maybe it’s uncomfortable, she has less demonstration action today,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 13, 2018) January 13, 2018: Yesterday, my sister and nephew Little David didn’t come to the Dongwan village of jinjiaba where my mother and I stayed temporarily,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 12, 2018) January 12, 2018: The day before yesterday, I said, “my mother will go to Kunshan tomorrow.” However, yesterday, my mother did not go to Kunshan…