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Present and Future

[Introduction] hiding in a corner, huddling up my body gradually losing warmth, and reciting the poems that I once left to me persistently, pure and comfortable/Just like the Lotus Blossom/Outside/love in the heart/difficult to give up/love can’t/also can’t let go. Tears surrounded the world and soaked the incomplete body. The night wind rustling on theRead More



The first time I saw her was 36 hours after I was in the hospital with pain. It is an excessive compliment to describe it as beautiful and cute. After the nurse confirmed to me that the child was healthy, I fell asleep and had never felt sweet and comfortable. The child was taken homeRead More



After the National Day holiday, the weather changed suddenly. There was no sunshine for several days, only a gust of cold wind came, coupled with the haze and light rain, the pedestrians walking on the street became more and more fat. The weather is always sunny, and my mood is also very bad. Sitting onRead More



Nowadays, there are too many evil aspects of oneself, such as selfishness, hatred for the rich, hypocrisy and ego. The saddest thing for some people in their whole life is that they are always living at will. They don’t understand life and life. I have never experienced the most precious feelings in life, let aloneRead More