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Working in a damned state-owned enterprise is a process of destroying a person gradually, which makes me feel that when a person enters the society, he or she enters a track of being destroyed, no matter how powerful you are, like a golden gun or cowardice, no matter you adopt the policy of no resistance or counterattack, you will always be destroyed, and some bird’s words will kill you with anger. I used to think that people in this world are almost the same, and IQ is almost the same, but now I think there is a big difference between chatting with a rural villager and a senior intellectual, even for some of the simplest questions, nothing can be found in the mouths of some ignorant people. There are some unforgettable things to stop in the process of falling down. For example, the group in the brigade opened the warehouse, ate some simple dishes, and the man drank some old wine, just like our children eating secretly. I still remember the clearest time to open a fire warehouse. A big table for men and a big table for women. I had dinner with a group of female labourers. There was only one dish, which was called the big shepherd’s purse soup, but the taste is very good, I still want to drink after drinking, and I can’t forget it after eating. If these things are decorated with childhood, it is impossible to say that you need some peaceful mentality to feel happiness, when people’s mentality is twisted into the root of the old tree, no matter how happy the scene was to others at that time, but for me, because of the unbearable sadness, I turned dizzy like a hoop curse, this leads to my almost non-existence of perception of happiness, which is a typical state of depression. However, where is there any Chicken Soup for the soul or any psychological tutor? Our Chinese do not need psychological teachers, because most people have more or less psychological problems, even for the current psychologists, the probability of suicide is higher than the average. At that time, I didn’t know why there was a shadow of death. Maybe the depression hovering in my heart made living a forced thing. I was forced to study, do questions and take exams. I don’t know why life is always full of force. It seems that if it hadn’t been forced, life would have never been experienced. Sometimes I believe in Christ, saying that people are guilty, and come to this world to wash away their sins, so the more forced a person is, the more sins he will be relieved. So Christ said, to become a Christian, you must go through hardships and tests. You must carry a heavy cross and walk in the desert to be chosen by God. I will definitely become a Christian. I often go to church and listen to mass. I feel very quiet and my heart is greatly satisfied. But I always feel that things like love cannot be clear, so delay was baptized. If I had a church when I was very young, maybe my heart would not be broken to nothing more, or I would release my sufferings because I faced God, so that I could live in the world very easily. I know an Australian guy who has no limbs, but because he believes in God, he not only gets two bachelor’s degrees, but also preaches Christ all over the world. I also wrote to him, telling him that I am his friend and that I was close to him. One of my favorite words he said is that people cannot change the environment, but they can change their hearts. He wrote back and told me that when he arrived at the women’s prison in America, all the female prisoners listened to him with tears. At last, when he prayed, all the female prisoners knelt down to pray to God, some burst into tears, some accepted Christ, and some began to realize. I don’t know why some people are so arrogant that they cannot give evidence to prove that God does not exist and suppress the belief in God. This is a sin and they will certainly get retribution. Not to mention this. When I was young, I didn’t know what to believe. I was very confused. Perhaps the happiest thing was to talk to beautiful girls. I basically didn’t say anything with Xiaoya, and I didn’t know what to say. I was always depressed and couldn’t let it go at school. It was not like a man at all, and I was more shy than a woman. I guess this is the result of inculcation education. We are not allowed to exercise, but only let us study hard and become bookworms. Then we don’t have our own soul, only the soul loyal to the party and the motherland, I can’t find my true face, distorted by distorted environment, abnormal by abnormal environment. We had to take a nap at that time. Once I became a supervisor, I wrote Xiao Ya’s name in the column of praise. Xiao Ya also voted for Li Baotao. The next time she was a supervisor, write me in the column of praise. But I don’t think there is any happiness. It is just a kind of imaginary happiness, and I can’t hug and act recklessly. It is not like the open now, and the abortion advertisement is implemented in the school, it also indicates that if there is a student ID card, a discount will be given. We then although thought have heaven, But the behavior is still tied with hands and feet, so the school education is to teach people how to twist and accept the erosion of soul in depression, so once they arrive at the society, even in school, I seldom find that someone’s eyes are bright, making all the bright eyes gray. This is the great achievement of education, which is unprecedented in the world. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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