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Once, I thought love could last forever! Unexpectedly, eternity is a word that is too gorgeous and vulnerable! Once, I thought that face to face with you was the shortest distance, but I didn’t realize that the distance between heart and heart was a whole circle around the Earth! Once, I thought that my friendsRead More



Time is slowly disappearing. In the smoky air, you can’t see the appearance of people. A pair of confusing eyes are flashing. What do you want to find from this smoke? The perfume smell between the breath, with a gust of wind gone away, the cigarette butts on the ground, flashing, like a falling star,Read More


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I got up early today and went to sweep my father’s tomb with my family. When I arrived at the cemetery, I could see that it was really beautiful. Looking ahead is the flowing river, overlooking the tomb is the lush mountains. In this environment where the living also have the feeling of beauty andRead More