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[Introduction] spit is used to count money, not to make sense. In today’s commodity society, this sentence has a real meaning, which also shows that everything should be based on reality, and it is pragmatic, and it is useless to tell the truth. Having a rest at work at noon, I saw a small piece of paper on the lounge table, which was an engineering maintenance sheet. I guess it was left by the young man at the front desk of the property management office, after reading some words written on the back, I feel very interesting. These words may not be his original works, but may come from the Internet, which are very incisive and philosophical. Explanation is cover-up, cover-up is something. This sentence is very general. In real life, there are indeed some people like this who are always explaining something to excuse themselves and hide their hidden things, there is no need to hide something if there is nothing. As a result, there is no Tiantian silver 300 Liang here. The more you explain, the more exposed you are. The more you explain, the more you have something to do. Those who are open-minded don’t explain anything, while those who are guilty always want to explain something. There are many such people in real life. You are really pure, or you are really pure. This is also a very classic language. Nowadays, there are many women like this. They are not pure but still pretending to be pure, even pretending to be young. I don’t think it is necessary at all. How many simple women are there now? Especially those young women who earn money by their own bodies, they know what is going on and pretend to be pure. Is it that simple? Isn’t that deceiving the world and others? What kind of goods is what kind of goods, what kind of pure? Are you still so pure? It is also a kind of mistake not to make mistakes at the age of making mistakes. This sentence is philosophical and is the dialectics of life. People are like this. It is inevitable to make mistakes, especially when they are young. It is impossible not to make mistakes when they are young. When they are young, they are easy to make mistakes, or they are not young people. When children make mistakes, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If you make mistakes, you should correct them, know why you make mistakes, and know where you are wrong. This is the main thing. If you should make mistakes, you will make mistakes sooner or later. If you want to make mistakes, you will make fatal mistakes. Therefore, people still make mistakes when they should make mistakes, and don’t make mistakes when they shouldn’t make mistakes. It is not normal to make mistakes at the age when mistakes should not be made. This is the biggest mistake. It is not normal not to make mistakes at the age of making mistakes, which is even more a fatal mistake. Fart in the bed can smell and cover. It can be regarded as a allegorical saying, which is a folk language and also very vivid. It can be interpreted like this: fart in the bed can be civil and military. It’s not impossible. It depends on the language application at the specific time, that is, the language environment. Spit is used to count money, not to make sense. In today’s commodity society, this sentence has a real meaning, which also shows that everything should be based on reality, and it is pragmatic, and it is useless to tell the truth. Of course, it also shows that there is something wrong with this sentence. Do we talk about money every day? Is there nothing but money? But now it is a commodity society with material desires flying everywhere, which is also a fact. This sentence also has profound truth, which is indeed a very common phenomenon in today’s society. It is not good if you don’t admit it. I hit the south wall and didn’t look back, tears streaming down. The previous sentence is nothing, everyone will think of it; The next sentence is creation. That is to say, one should not be stubborn. One way to go to the dark, then it is too late to regret, and it is useless to cry. These languages all come from life and are very living languages. In fact, we should also pay attention to absorbing such language in our writing. We usually pay more attention to collecting and do not have to pursue it deliberately, which is very helpful for our writing. Language depends on the accumulation of daily life. The richer the language is, the more convenient the writing is. Why can’t I write it down sometimes? Because of the lack of language, as long as we have mastered abundant language, we will be able to write articles with ease. 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