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I watched the TV series “New Water Margin” broadcast by Hunan Jingshi last night. In the battle of attacking Zengtou city at night, Chao Gai led heroes to attack the city, but unexpectedly he was ambushed by Zengtou city. Although experienced Lin Chong advised, Chao Gai didn’t listen. Chao Gai was shot by Shi Wengong in the melee. Lin Chong desperately rescued Chao Gai and others and returned to Liangshan. Maybe it was deliberately arranged by God that the arrow in Chao Gai was a poisonous arrow. Chao Gai was really unlucky. When Liang Shan acted outside, Song Jiang made great gains every time he went out, while Chao Gai gave his life once in a while. Chao Gai took 20 brothers to Zengtou city. They were Lin Chong, Hu Yanzhuo, Ruan Shi’s three brothers, Yang Xiong, Shi Xiu, Sun Li and so on. In this list, Wu Yong was not included. Wu Yong was originally Chao Gai’s military adviser. Although he was an old comrade who was together when Chao Gai robbed Shengchen gang, but now it is obvious that Chao Gai has confirmed that Wu Yong took refuge in Song Jiang. Soon after Chao Gai knew his fate, Song Jiang even pretended to serve Chao Gai like his father. But Chao Gai was like a mirror in Song Jiang’s mind. When Chao Gai asked Song Jiang on the sickbed, “Did you want to lead the brothers to settle down? Song didn’t answer for a while, and turned around and left. Chao Gai sneered in his heart, but he didn’t show it. Instead, he announced his will in front of Song Jiang, Wu Yong and other brothers before his death: if anyone can catch and shoot my Shi Wengong, he taught him to be the master of liangshanbo! This was also the last thing Chao Gai could do. After saying that, Chao Gai smiled. Not to mention whether Chao Tianwang was shot to death by Shi Wengong in Zengtou city or cheated by Liang Shanbo’s own people. At that time, two monks came to camp and led Chao Gai to rob the village at night, after the two monks disappeared, they were ambushed. Chao Gai’s generals led the army to take the road and left. It turned to two bay, hit a Biao Army horse, and shot arrows in the future. This poison arrow is obviously that Song Jiang had a heart of peace! There were rightist Capitulationists in the revolutionary team, and they were the authorities who followed the feudal monarchy route as expected. It was this deadly poisonous arrow that hit Chao Tianwang’s heart! Song Jiang’s later revolutionary route was anti-corrupt officials and not against the Emperor, while Wu Yong, the military adviser, had the same idea as Song Jiang about how to find a way out if he didn’t recruit security officials. In fact, Liangshan can be generally divided into two factions: one is a complete rebel led by Chao Gai, including seven people who outwit Shengchen gang and Lin Chong, Wu Song, Lu Zhishen and Li Kui (the sworn follower of Song Jiang, although they had different opinions with Song Jiang, they would follow Song Jiang and others out of loyalty, and another faction was Zhao an faction of Song Jiang, Wu Yong (two-faced faction, Chao Gai followed Song Jiang after death), Hua Rong, Lu Junyi and so on, only against corrupt officials, not against the Emperor (the court). Let’s look at Song Jiang’s background. Song Jiang was born as a small official and had the consciousness of climbing up in his heart. What he was obsessed with was to be an official. Although he also had a good reputation in the arena, it was his pursuit of black and white, and also paved the way for his official career. Since he became the master of liangshanbo, he put forward the idea of doing justice on behalf of the heaven, only against corrupt officials, not against the Emperor, and began to prepare to recruit peace. The imperial court was the thought of Song Jiang, Wu Yong, Lu Junyi, Hua Rong and so on, especially the thought of Song Jiang. After he became the eldest brother of Liangshan, he had the official career ideal of a landlord family background, a small intellectual background, and the feudal loyalty thought of reading poetry and books, it made him have great worship and fantasy of reform to the top, so he was different from Li Kui, Wu Song, Liu Tang and San Ruan, who were completely rebelled, different from Lin Chong who was forced to go to Liangshan to be homeless and bore deep blood feud, Lu Zhishen who was chivalrous and righteous, and even different from the ambitious Fang La, taking refuge in the court was only his deliberate choice. It was not that Juyi Hall was changed into Zhongyi Hall, but that he had already thought it out from the moment he went to Liangshan. To be an official, after all, this was his ideal and also his servility. At this step, Song Jiang of Shandong province, the so-called top four pirates, had already existed in name only. But Song Jiang had the potential to be a leader, but only limited to a small leader. He knew how to establish his prestige and legitimize his position. This can be seen from the Shijie that day. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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