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[Introduction] after reading this brochure, I thought that the Shanghai exhibition hall of the Shanghai World Expo, which just ended, was decorated with the layout of ordinary people in Shanghai in the 70s, 80s and 90s respectively. Therefore, thinking if we collect these things that are going to die. In the library, I saw a booklet named “vanishing objects”. I read it casually, with pictures and texts, which was vivid and vivid. While turning the pages, I recalled the past years. The second essay “iron comb” in the book tells about the perm interpretation of Shanghai people in the past 50 or 60 years. The next page is a vivid perm picture of iron pliers. I remember that in the late period of the Cultural Revolution, like all girls of the same age, our group of teenagers liked to pay attention to the handsome and beautiful female companions in the class or grade, and pay attention to their clothes and hair styles. At that time, there was a girl who was handsome and quiet in the grade, and walked gracefully. She happened to be in the same way with us in the upper and lower schools. Moreover, every time she walked in front of us, we followed behind. One day after school, it was spring and summer. The breeze was rippling. The girl’s white shirt and blue skirt were swaying slightly. We were still following her. All of a sudden, one of us said: You see, her hair is so natural and comfortable that it can’t be seen that it has been permed at all. You know? Her father is a famous master in Nanjing barber shop. Please pay attention to it. Her hair style is slightly different every week, but you can’t see it without careful observation, this was made by her father using a iron comb for perming.! How do you know it in such detail? Someone asked. My sister is her sister’s classmate. Once my sister went to her house to see her, she told me when she came back. After listening to this, we envy that girl, huh?! It turns out that she has such a good father! Some students exclaimed. Therefore, we gave birth to an indescribable sense of admiration for this female classmate’s father. We don’t know whether we admire this Father’s aesthetic sense or his perm skills. Later, we worked; Later, women with Perm began to appear in the street. Among our classmates, Zhan Yun was the first one to perm hair. I remember that once I went to her house and saw her hair curling on the aluminum cylinders one by one. She covered her head with a towel which was lifted out of boiling water and was smoking White, while watching the ballet Swan Lake which was released only when it was played on TV, he commented with his mouth down: Look, how soft the arms of these actresses are! Like ribbon dancing in the clouds. Hands and feet are so slender and delicate! After a while, the time for Perm was up. When she removed the aluminum tube from her head and looked in the mirror, her mother said: don’t comb your hair any more, the hair is circled one by one like this, which is also very good-looking. Yes, her sister echoed and said, it was more like rolling clouds. Walking on Nanjing Road, there must be a lot of people who would turn their heads and look at your hair. I thought it was from a famous store and a famous teacher! Your hair doesn’t need perm, is this OK? I asked. She replied: I have scalded it, which is called water scalding. After perm, if you wash it over and don’t take care of it, your hair will be as dishevelled as straw. Oh, I understand, Perm is not only perm, but also perm. Nowadays, with the development of science, applying chemical principles to apply science to life, chemical ironing appears. In the future, I don’t know how Perm will develop?! I hope that the emergence of new perm methods will make Perm more convenient and time-saving; Make people who have never permed and don’t know what perm is like, no longer exclamation in Su Qing’s prose perm, I feel lingering fear for Perm. In “Lost goods”, in addition to telling about the iron comb, it also lists the red wooden box, water tank, oil lamp, Telegraph, chicken bus, screen, Water Mill and so on, a total of 100 items. When I read the water vat and Water Mill, my childhood scene was immediately vividly presented in my eyes. I remembered that there was a small well in the patio of the second floor house of shikumen I used to live in, there is a big clay jar downstairs, and my family also has one. In summer, the water in the jar is always full of water. Although there was tap water at that time, the water used for watermelon and Bath in summer was still well water. In winter, near the Spring Festival, we went upstairs and downstairs to push the water mill, and the water used to grind glutinous rice flour was the well water taken locally. Wei Jia a Nai, Zhang Jiamu’s mother, big sister and little sister gathered together, pushing the water mill while eating the newly fried peanuts, the thick smell of peanuts is mixed with the rice flavor of talking when the glutinous rice is crushed, and the smell of new year is permeated with it. My understanding of screen started from the home of a good female classmate in my middle school. At that time, housing was generally difficult. She slept in a big room with her sister. In the middle of her bed, there was a black background screen with artistic flavor, divide a room into two. Looking at the picture screen, although there was no vast water in Liu Yong’s words, Pingsha Yan was shocked. Smoke gathered in the cold forest cluster, painting screen exhibition. The scenery, but this winding screen, and the screen on the Sun Ran Ran Ran, reflecting the East China Sea, golden beads. Qingdai day smoke Miao, picture screen drawing. The relief pattern still makes this square room beautiful and flowing. My classmate smiled and said, in this way, one of them read books or did things late, which would not affect the other. Now, with the improvement of living conditions, screens are placed in the living room of the home, dividing the space, which plays a role of both blocking and eye-catching. After reading this brochure, I thought that in the Shanghai exhibition hall of Shanghai World Expo which just ended, the layout of ordinary people’s home in Shanghai in the 70s, 80s and 90s were displayed respectively, so, thinking that if we collect these things which are about to pass away, set up an exhibition hall, and tell the world about our life scenes of various times in the past. The elderly among the visitors witnessed their childhood or childhood, the artifacts used seem to go back to childhood; The young, who witnessed the objects used in the past years, can’t help sighing the progress of the times and experiencing the life culture of ordinary people in different times, how good that is. The compilation of this brochure is a small essay with a picture. The essay and the picture complement each other and complement each other. This reminds me of the Ming Dynasty’s “Map of strange tools”, “Heaven works” and “ploughing and remaining skills”, all of which are a small article with a frame of pictures, and the pictures and texts complement each other, they set off each other, making people feel uncomfortable and clear when reading. This “vanishing objects” was compiled by this method. It was read for leisure, witnessed the history unconsciously, and recalled the lost era. 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