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I forgot when to start and told myself that if I no longer expect or hope, I would not be disappointed, let alone despair. However, always unconsciously, I couldn’t help looking forward to it quietly and waiting excitedly in my heart. Finally, it was Friday and I could finally go home! From the moment I got up, I smiled as beautiful as a flower and felt as happy as a flower, although I didn’t like flowers. The mood of the whole day really felt that even walking two steps was so light, the pace was so light, the smile was so coquettish. However, I never thought that I was in such a mood when I got home. It turned out to be such a grievance. I am really sad. Don’t tell me that I think too much because I have told myself silently for countless times in my heart. You think too much. During these days of accommodation, the idea of going home and going home has become stronger and stronger day by day, which makes people look forward to and excited day by day. Every day, in order to have three meals, I always worry about breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner. Three meals a day are never normal! For breakfast, just eat a few dumplings, either dumplings or steamed buns. In this way, the breakfast is fooled. Lunch, eating a piece of rice and a small dish in the dining hall, just passed like this. When it was time to get off work, what to eat for dinner, back to the street of the dormitory, the street was very lively, but those who didn’t have nutrition, unsanitary street snacks, my poor dinner, I even didn’t find a decent restaurant! Am I demanding too much? I just want to eat. Whenever this happens, I am more homesick. I miss the rice cooked by my father. I miss the food cooked by my father. Before I fall asleep every night, my stomach always cries. After the night, how many hours did I really sleep? Eyes, no look at all! I really feel wronged. Every day in the company, I laugh happily and happily. I am really happy. The smile is from the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of my heart. It is not a silly smile without any reason. Even if it is a silly smile, that is also the truest and most beautiful smile. I am think so. So, dear colleagues, when I laugh happily, please don’t ask me what I laugh and what is funny, because, Arjun, my real smile from the bottom of my heart is really pitiful. I have forgotten how long it has not been like this moment, laughing like a flower, and really as bright as a flower, as glamorous. When I feel funny, I will laugh regardless of the image, because I don’t know when I will encounter such a funny thing again and when I will be like now, even tears burst out with laughter. And it seems that I have the function of prediction. When I go home, I may not laugh out. As expected, I couldn’t laugh at all. The situation seemed to be more sad than last weekend. Last night, I walked into the house with a smile left on my face. I thought my good mood would continue. It had been like this all the time. However, why did you come back after hearing that sentence? After that, the smile left on my face became stiff instantly. For a while, I became at a loss. Two seconds later, I asked you what to say with a serious expression and trembling voice? The same words sounded in my ears again, piercing into my heart coldly and piercing into my bones. The feeling was just a word, painful. Therefore, I didn’t cry at the moment with tears streaming down my face. I was very strong and really wouldn’t cry. I just had some liquid flowing out of my eyes inexplicably. I couldn’t control the liquid hitting the pillow one by one, it turns out that there are also names. Their names are called Tears. I really don’t understand why they are always like this. The days that people expect are not good days. Is that true? If this is really the case, from then on, I will never expect anything, really not. The result will only make people more sad, sadder and sadder. 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