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Although I knew that the eagle could not be seen in my hometown for a long time, I stood on the Loess Plateau which gave birth to my dream and looked up at the long sky. I only occasionally saw a few white clouds drifting through, just like a lonely sail, the distant shadow and the blue sky, but I couldn’t see the image of the Eagle hitting the sky on the negative film in my heart. I still couldn’t hide the sadness in the center of my eyes. Maybe generations have been oppressed in this ancient valley for too long, maybe they have given birth to an uninhibited soul. In the years when they began to know this world, the blood rushed into the vast sea and sky, in my heart, I always yearned for the four poles, and the powerful eagle of Kong Wuqiang in the high flying clouds became my totem. In the early years, the hometown was poor and closed. The small village connected the outside world from the paths on two slopes, and the widest road to the town could only take cattle and carts, in the middle of 1960 s, cable broadcasting was the main channel to transmit external information. But at that time, the country was young and simple, the Earth was full of passion, and there were Eagles soaring in the sky. I still remember that there are two slogans in the village head, which are self-reliance, endeavor, foothold in the cottage, mind the motherland, and look at the world, showing confidence and tolerance. The number of collective workers in the production team was large, especially when several villages concentrated on the water and soil conservation battle during the slack season. The red flags were fluttering on the ground, and sometimes the drums and gongs were beating before and after work, and the competitions and operas were organized during work. Although this kind of big Hulong with strong political color is not suitable for the wishes of farmers and the labor efficiency is not high, it can also concentrate on doing big things. The scattered small slope lands in our village are integrated into large flat lands, in the future, mechanical farming will have basic conditions, and water conservancy projects will also have irrigated fields that do not depend on the weather completely since the beginning of the world. Small schools have been set up in the village, and our enlightened Lang Lang’s songs and songs have declared a new milestone of the civilization of the mountain village. Reading leaders, the world, the country, the society, the society, who will say it if we don’t say it? Who will do it if we don’t? The teaching ignited the fire of the ideal of taking the world as its own responsibility, and the lofty sentiments with thousands of miles of ambition. Thanks to the development of science and technology and the progress of social civilization, taking economic construction as the center has changed my remote hometown. The grain output doubled, the fruit industry was developed and the coal mine was developed. The Earth Cave had gradually become a new tile house, asphalt road and tap water, and the goal of materialization was gradually realized, the life of the villagers is like the apples on the branches gradually changing from green to red and sweet. But strolling in the village, I saw that the irrigated land became dry land again after the abandoned self-flowing canal. After the primary school was closed down, children all lodged in the town to go to school, and young people went to work in cities, even people in their 60 s went out early and went back to the nearby coal mine to work late. Only a few old people sitting under the eaves in the village talked about Xuanzong. There was no trumpet or the desolate and passionate melody of Qin Opera at the head of the village, there is no eagle in the sky and silence. The days when there was an eagle and the thoughts about the eagle have become legends. I didn’t become an eagle when I came back with empty bags, and maybe I buried myself under my feet for food because of my fantasy, and finally I became a hungry Sparrow in the canopy, however, the spiritual yearning and waiting that once surpassed the immediate material interests are believed to have turned into a proud bone. First of all, we must have food and clothing, but the aftertaste of the sky with Eagles, the eagle still longing for the sky! Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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