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[Introduction] time si jian, riyuerusuo. More than twenty years have passed quickly, and the reform and opening-up have brought about earth-shaking changes. Now no matter you go to Xichang, Huili or Chengdu, the bus stops as long as you wave, the mine has several short-distance MINI passenger vehicles parked there in turn, waiting for othersRead More


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My daily life is full of the mentality of playing and playing, which makes me happy. I am also serious. My daily life is full of disdain, there are also forced people who have to let me continue to walk. I also want to be calm. My daily life is full of laziness and helplessness.Read More



wu yue carnations, Without the grace of peony, There is no strong fragrance of Lily, It just silently exudes the faint scent of human heart and spleen, Just like mother’s love On such a day full of blessings, Cities and streets are filled with the warmth of love everywhere, Dignified, plain Carnation, Carrying the children’sRead More