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[Introduction] in the winter of one year, I was too lazy to move into my home. The Snow broke into the night and the glittering snow hung on the branches added charm to Yushu. But after the snow melted, my Yushu seems to be burnt and withered, I feel so sad! [Life in the basin]] There are several pots of green life in the corner of the wall, and the Green SA looks beautiful at a glance, which really makes people feel relaxed and happy. Look at the green jade tree, the thick leaves are really adorable, but the jade tree in this basin is just cut by me. I remember that the Yushu I once raised was tall and very luxuriant. Looking at its green appearance, I felt a little happy. I put it on the balcony in winter to let it bathe in the warmth of sunshine, turn it around at intervals, because the plant has phototropism, it will bend its neck over a long period of time. In my mind, Yushu, which has grown into a relatively tall and luxuriant tree, thought that it would certainly be able to bear the cold wind. In the winter of one year, I was lazy and didn’t move into my home. It broke into a night when the snow hit me, the glittering snow hanging on the branches added charm to Yushu, but after the snow melted, my Yushu seemed to be burnt and withered. I felt so sad! Several years of painstaking efforts were ruined by a laziness. But looking at it, it is because my Yushu has been growing in the greenhouse, which makes it lose its ability to resist the cold. Just like a child who has been caring for and growing up in his palm, he was pushed into the society at once and drowned in the tide of society. Look at the Green cymbidium, where its branches reach, it will take root and sprout. The pot of hanging orchid on the balcony was poured with water dripping from clothes when drying clothes on a hot day, and sometimes the leaves were rolled up by the sun; And I was not happy to move home in winter, let the wind blow the frost and beat the snow to cover it. The snow melted and the dead leaves drooped on it. I always thought it was dead. Ah, I didn’t expect that when the weather turned warm, a piece of green came out from the basin, the green one is so soft and lovely. The exuberant vitality makes me sigh: how beautiful and moving our life should be to be filled with exuberant vitality all the time! I also admire a Zhangmu tree in the basin. Because of my father’s foot injury, I asked others for some Zhangmu branches to boil water to cover my feet, so I cut the remaining small branches in the basin, and green leaves grew out in a few days. The leaves faded out in winter, I thought it was dead, but when the weather turned warm, I found the green buds by accident. Some time ago, I found that the leaves withered and fell. The reason was that it rained all the time. There were many sharp and long snail-like snails eating on the roots of Zhangmu trees. I wiped out the snails one by one and often checked them, unexpectedly, the Zhangmu tree grew green leaves again, which made me feel very happy. How vigorous the Zhangmu tree is! I like the vigorous vitality and the green in the corner, which makes me feel that life is full of youthful vitality. [Thank you] teacher, thank you very much. I am really grateful for your help. He repeated this sentence every time he picked up the child. Hello, Teacher **, come here, there is something to discuss with you. I hurried there. Well, this kid has to take extra lessons in English. After hearing this, I asked about my child. My wife and I work here. My child used to go to school in his hometown, but now I want to bring him here. But English is not good. English in our hometown is taught as a secondary class. My father said that the child was going to be in grade 5, but if he couldn’t get English in this school, he would only let the child be in grade 3, which was not cost-effective. There are English courses in the cram school over there. I thought it was useful for my child to learn, but I didn’t know it was useless to learn some simple words after a period of time, in this way, when the school starts school, it will be troublesome if the school refuses to accept the child because of the problem of English subject. Teacher, please take some pains to help. I asked my child about learning English at school, and I also read the child’s English textbook. The English content of the fourth grade was quite deep, but I asked the child to read it, but he could not read it. I thought it was caused by the child’s dishonesty in class, but the child said, “We have two English classes a week, but sometimes we don’t have them, so we just have language and math classes, and none of our students can. Do you want to take an English test? If you want it, we won’t do it at all. Let’s look at his summer homework again. There is also a whole homework in English. I said that we have three English classes every week, plus morning reading and noon tutoring. Graduation exam is as important as language and mathematics. Taking English as a secondary class may be caused by the deviation of education in various places. If a child like you really can’t speak English at all, you may really have to let him go to the third grade, because our third grade is the initial stage of English. Yes, so I need your help. I told my parents: it was too late for your child to make up for the fourth grade, so I let him directly learn the teaching materials of the fourth grade. I told them about my teaching experience: a few years ago, a girl from another province was transferred to the fourth grade, and she didn’t even know 26 letters at first, when I was free, I taught my child to read letters and learn words, and asked the child to consult her classmates during the break. After one year, her English could also pass. Of course, she was a relatively smart and good student. There was another class of students who just learned English in the fifth grade, while the latter two classes of their students learned English from the third grade. During the summer vacation when the students were going to enter the sixth grade, due to the need to be in line with the middle school, it is required to take the new teaching materials for the graduation exam in the future. There is no way out. The whole class of students made up for the new teaching materials that summer vacation that year. Because there is only a little time, in a summer vacation, they were asked to roughly learn the contents of the four books of grade four and five, so this year’s students could still get good results in the new textbooks when they graduated. From this point of view, English things can be memorized. As long as you work hard, it will be effective in the short term. I still remember that in the summer vacation the year before last, the tenant who opened a shop in my uncle’s house, his son also followed his parents from outside to transfer to another school, and that child was very good in five to six languages, even in math, I still went out to compete, but I could only take English at twenty or thirty. When I came here, several schools looked at the student’s grades, and this was also the case that he was asked to downgrade, but neither parents nor children refused, at last, the school promised to let the child go to the sixth grade as long as he could pass the English exam at the beginning of school. My uncle and aunt led them to me and asked me to tutor the children. It happened that the school interest group was going to participate in the provincial competition for training that summer vacation, so I had to wait until my children came back after work. But after two days, My child’s English is really poor. I don’t think I can let my child pass the exam in such a short time. So I told my child’s parents that I can’t help him, because the child has no interest at all, he yawns every day when he comes, or he is playing with a watch. I am in a hurry if the child is not in a hurry. However, my child’s father asked me for help again and again. No matter how well my child did in the pre-school exams, he must help him with the lessons. Under such circumstances, I promised to do my best, mainly depending on my child’s own efforts. After a summer vacation, the child took the entrance examination two days before school started. After finishing the exam, my child’s father came to tell my teacher excitedly that thank you very much. My child has passed more than 70 exams. I am also excited for the child, because everyone’s efforts are not in vain, and he can go to grade 6. Until now, my child is going to be promoted to the second grade of junior high school, and my father is very polite every time he sees me. Today, the summer tutorial for this child is coming to an end. The child is very serious here every day. From only knowing 26 letters to now, he can read the whole book roughly, due to the long reading time, he could almost recite the first few lessons, which made him not so hard to go to the fourth grade. The father of the child was so thankful to pick up the child and said again and again: teacher, you really helped me a lot. Thank you very much for helping me. I said to him: I just tried my best to be responsible. There is no need to be so grateful. It is mainly because your child works harder. I feel extremely excited to see that I can contribute to others. I feel that as long as I try my best in everything, nothing can be done badly. You should treat everyone around you with a smile and make things clear of your conscience. The return of life to you must be sunny. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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