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Net matter

[Introduction] dealing with pessimistic people will also make your thoughts stand still. When you think about the various kinds of people on the Internet, you can’t be too enthusiastic, save yourself from getting angry and ask yourself for trouble. Since I learned to surf the Internet, I have been attached to the Internet for several years. Since I applied for the QQ number, I hang up every day. But at that time, it was just a computer full of little penguins, they are just curious and funny. Every day, they rush to log on to their little penguins one by one. With the improvement of living conditions, the popularization of computers and the development of network information, we have our own computers and a quiet paradise of our own. Only in this way can QQ chat tools really play its infinite charm. As usual, QQ will be hung up every day. Occasionally, someone will add it as a friend. If you look at the information, it will be easy to add it. Some of the newly added friends ask what job to do and where to live? When you see such a question, you will be friendly and say that there is no need to tell you. Sometimes you will be very polite to reply to your account! Generally, people will not dare to talk to you any more. Occasionally, there are more civilized people who will chat with you with a hammer in the east and a knife in the West. They are also chewy, or even ask you for a phone number. I will have opinions: why should I tell you my phone number? I once met such a person who had been connected for several days and asked you for your phone number every day, telling him that he would not give him a phone number. Later, he shouted abuse and made people angry, so he simply clicked him off. I am not familiar with it. Why do you want to tell others your true information? Do you want to burn yourself? The Internet is a hodgepodge. It is better to be careful. Once I saw a netizen changing his name all the time: From Falling Flowers to knowing my heart, silent ending, etc., I always felt very pessimistic when looking at the name he changed all the way. One day, I kindly typed a paragraph: I always feel very pessimistic when I see your name. Living in this world, it is impossible for everything to go smoothly, and there will be setbacks and hardships. Think more about everything and let yourself have a good mood every day and believe that you will do it, everything will be solved easily. After two days of QQ, I just hung up the other party and contacted him. I replied politely early and did my own thing secretly. When the little penguin was lit up again, hello, he couldn’t wait to send a message again. He came back early, but my friend didn’t know what early the following sentence was? Why did I ignore such a question? My heart was really furious. I forced my anger and replied, “Why are you like this? Don’t I have my job? Who told you to ignore me? It’s really unreasonable, save any trouble, and hurry up to crack him. From then on, I knew why this person was so pessimistic. At first, the tone of speaking to others was unbearable. How could you make friends like this? We say that being kind to others means being kind to ourselves. If you want to be good friends, you must first care about and respect others. If others don’t rely on you to eat, why should they suffer from your bad temper. Dealing with pessimistic people will also make your thoughts remain complacent. When you think about the various kinds of people on the Internet, you can’t be too enthusiastic, save yourself from getting angry and ask yourself for trouble. One day when I just got on QQ, there was a message that someone wanted to be a friend. I opened my personal information and saw that it was a woman of the same age as me. I thought it was good to get in touch with a woman, the same sex has a common language, but there are always doubts: How did she know my number when I didn’t log on to QQ? She was added with such a question and asked, and her answer was a random number. I had a short talk with my parents without doubt. She told me that she was traveling alone in my city now. Her daughter was relatively short, I also saw the photos of her and her daughter in her space, which should be said to be a very beautiful woman. I also sincerely praised her. She also told me that her husband had a wide range of communication and was very busy. He made beauty products and his family relationship was not very good. I comforted her and said: Couples should understand and tolerate each other, just like sand in their hands. If you grasp too tightly, it will flow fast; When you spread your hands, on the contrary, it will lie firmly in your hand. She later said she wanted to see me, so I told her that you were too enthusiastic. I don’t even know who you are, will I meet you? As long as I logged in every day, she followed me to ask questions. I saw her and her hair was really numb. But one day later, she talked about which store in XXX town, is it your home? When I just put a diary in my space, she immediately sent a comment and said what kind of career you are! Let me always feel side of a spy, like a pair of eyes always staring at me, me cold, enemy we can,-I’m known, she knew my situation but I knew nothing about her. The most incredible thing for me is that I was just pulled into the group by the head teacher in high school these two days. The conversation between the head teacher and the monitor in my group, when the old photos were checked with people, they just sent my picture and name, and she sent a message. Your name is ***. I ignored her, I don’t know whether it is a coincidence or something. I don’t know who she is or where she got my information. She is like a time bomb around me, thinking over and over again, or just cut her. We make friends online in order to communicate with each other and have common language communication, or to appreciate each other’s literary talent, or to appreciate each other’s behavior, instead of looking for trouble, this is the minimum humanity. Most of my friends are colleagues, classmates and relatives. They are familiar with each other, and some unfamiliar people will not disturb you. QQ hanging up every day is to bring I am and safe information to my friends, and I also hope to bring happiness to others with my own sunny attitude. Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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