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Educated young people go to the countryside, relieve the re-education of the poor and the middle peasants, go to the most extensive countryside to exercise and grow up, I am the seven or six graduates, respond to the call of the party to go to the countryside, before leaving, my mother prepared quilts and mattresses for me, as well as clothes for the winter, some daily necessities, some sundries and so on. The slogan at that time was that we also had two educated young people who didn’t eat idle meals in the city to go to the countryside and receive the re-education of the poor, the lower and the middle peasants, which was very necessary. The radio broadcasts every day. This is the first time that I went out so far. My parents were not at ease, and I didn’t count in my heart. We wore grass green clothes and grass green hats, the underwear was white shirts, which made us look very energetic. At that time, we went there in a big truck. When we left, my parents and sister-in-law came to see me off, and there was also a farewell team organized by Street Road, beating gongs and drums, we came to see us off. When the car left Dalian, some girls cried. We left Dalian slowly by truck, because we ran away from home for the first time, and our mood was just like the dark clouds in the sky, crops planted on both sides of the road include corn, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, kidney beans and apples. It took about four or five hours for the truck to arrive at Gu Tun team of Chengshan commune. When the truck arrived at the youth point, there were welcome teams composed of local farmers on both sides of the road, they lined up in a long line, including men, women and little girls. They didn’t wear socks and sandals, and the skin on their legs was like wearing long socks with deep flesh color, it was the first time that I saw such a scene that so many farmers welcomed us into the room and held a welcome ceremony to give us apples and peanuts to eat. One day, I climbed over a mountain with a farmer’s master. When I was walking, I heard pheasant singing and birds singing. When I went to the mountain, I saw a lot of towering pine trees. I chose a tree and began to cut down trees, we cut the tree with big data on the top of the tree root. When we cut half of the tree, we cut it from the other side. When we cut it off completely, the tree fell down and dried for a while, we had a rest when we were tired. He gave me an apple to eat. While eating and chatting, I asked him how many households there were in the production team. He said, there were more than 200 households, and eight households came from the city to the countryside. Then what do you make a living by planting? He said, it is mainly planting grain, including rice, corn, wheat, soybean, peanut, apple, pear and so on. He explained to me what kind of plants he planted all the year round… and cut a few more, so we went back to have lunch. One day when I went to see the mountain after dinner, it was not dark. I strolled around and the color gradually became dark the day after tomorrow. I started to go back, at this time, I saw a little red light and a glittering shadow moving towards me on the path of the ravine. I immediately found a tree beside the path to hide it, which scared me into shock, when the shadow came to me, oh, I could see clearly that it was a person carrying a wisp of grass, with a cigarette flashing in his mouth. I should go back to sleep. It rained for several days in succession these days, and the wet ground couldn’t get to the ground. We were all young and didn’t work. After breakfast, we went to the Riverside to play. The river was clear and transparent, and sometimes small fish appeared, crossing the river, it was just a hill. I picked a Ganoderma lucidum mushroom on the mountain and found a big snake on the way back. I dared to hurry back and ask someone to catch it back, that big snake is one meter long. Our youth raised a few pigs, which were fat and strong. I have been there for several months, but I didn’t eat a meal of pork. I killed a big pig that day and had a meal at quanqingdian. This was a full meal in the countryside. Hehe. I went to the countryside to farm with my peasant brothers, transplanted rice seedlings and learned a lot together, especially the principle of being a human being. The countryside is a vast world where great achievements can be made. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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