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Autumn Rain

One of my relatives died of illness. Uncle Wansheng and I agreed to go back to our hometown to attend the funeral of our relatives on November 4th. At 7 o’clock in the morning, Uncle Wan Sheng began to urge. Because my wife was wordy and my daughter was lying in bed, we didn’t go until 10 o’clock after I called and scolded her. During this period, Uncle Wan Sheng urged many times. He said, based on his years of experience on the rotten road, if he didn’t leave earlier, he might not be able to reach it when it was dark. There were few pedestrians on the rainy day. If the car got stuck, it is difficult to call someone to help push the cart, so I hurried up early. Maxell uncle in town 20 years of medicine business, years in urban and rural road back and forth bumps, now herbs business bigger and bigger, so spent 90,000 bought pickup truck. This time when he went back to his hometown, he brought some packages of fertilizer to his parents. He said, in this way, the weight of the car can be increased to prevent slipping. Secondly, it can reduce the cost for the old family and save some strength. The driver was Hu Guoping, Uncle Wan Sheng’s nephew. Although he was only in his twenties, he had many years of experience in running the country road. Uncle Wan Sheng repeatedly urged him to be fully prepared to deal with all possibilities such as slippery roads and trapped cars. He was a little glib and said: Don’t worry, don’t worry, I know. You said you ate more salt than I did, but I crossed more roads and bridges than you. Uncle Wan Sheng said: Anyway, I won’t talk to you. You send it to me safely and send it back safely. There is no problem with my car, even if you have the ability to do it. When the car arrived at Heishui, the experienced cousin Hu Guoping put fertilizer and installed the anti-skid chain. We walked all the way, accompanied by the rhythmic beating of the chain and our chatting, the red leaves on the mountain and the familiar villages flew before our eyes. Suddenly, an uphill road appeared in front of us. My cousin skillfully lowered the gear to the first gear, stepped on the accelerator and rushed left and right. The pickup truck bumped forward and crushed the mountain road. The items in the car collided with each other, and my wife and daughter were sometimes squeezed and scattered. My cousin said proudly, “That’s not a blow. I have been very skillful on these roads. I have the opportunity to participate in the mountain bike race. There is no problem for me to win a prize. Uncle Wansheng said: Don’t be proud of your boy. The road ahead is still slippery. As expected, when climbing over another mountain, my cousin repeated the same trick. After several bumps, he was about to climb over. When he was showing off proudly, unexpectedly, the chain suddenly slipped down, and the mud spots brought out by the rear wheel kept splashing backward, the friction between the tire and the cornerstone gave out bursts of smoke, and the pickup truck howled angrily, but it was still deeply caught by the silt on the road and sighed heavily. My cousin told us to get off the car and retreat to the flat ground. I tried to pull out the anti-slip chain from the mud, making it covered with mud. My cousin said: Brother, when you are teachers, how can you do these things? I will, I will. He grabbed the chain from my hand, threw it into the ditch beside the road, washed off the mud and came to the car. Take out tools such as Jack, pliers and so on from the toolbox. With the constant downward pressure of the handle, the tyre gradually rises up in the smell of smoke emitted by Uncle Wan Sheng and me. My cousin pulled the rubber band, twisted the steel wire, and settled the chain quickly, saying: this is a piece of cake. After all, Uncle Wan Sheng was well-informed and stepped on the straw to investigate the route, pointing to Guoping. Guoping said: I understand, I understand. This road doesn’t work. I know to choose another road. The fool is trapped in one road. He started the engine, causing a sensation on the accelerator. The steering wheel was spinning left and right in my sight. When I was about to climb over the hillside, the chains on the left and right wheels slipped down at the same time, and got involved in straw and mud. Once again, we got off the bus and searched the grass along the road for the chain. We finally found it in the deep car marks. The rubber band connecting the chain was broken, and Uncle Wan Sheng began to blame his nephew. Guoping said; Prepared, prepared. He took out a roll of chemical fiber rope from the car, folded it into two sections, paved the chain, turned over the palm full of mud from time to time, wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand, tie up the two rear wheels vigorously, and then start the engine again. Unexpectedly, the chain of the left wheel could not withstand the collision of hard rocks and fell off again. Guoping cursed loudly: The dog day did not build roads before, but now it is a rotten road, which has delayed me a lot of time. Uncle Wansheng said: If you don’t repair it, you will scold it. If you don’t repair it, you will scold it. You dog no ability, have skill you pay road, you have skill you when cadres zoned money to repair. Guoping and I have nothing to say. Let’s settle the chain together and find straw to pave the way. Cousin Guoping started the engine again. Our car ran over the mud excitedly, turned over the bay, climbed over the mountain beams one by one, passed through the jungle which was hazy by autumn rain and mist, and ran towards the destination. When they were about to reach their goal, many relatives in their hometown had been waiting beside the road carrying a basket and a firewood and horse fork (two forked branches and an object-carrying instrument made of a cross arm). In order to transport the fertilizer to their home, they used more than a dozen labors to repair the road, and didn’t want the car to sink into the silt again. Taking out the rope, the staff lined up the left and right. Guoping grasped the steering wheel tightly. Uncle Wan Sheng commanded by the road. More than a dozen people pulled forward and pushed back. After several rounds of tug-of-war, people still lost the car, the wheels were like mud piles in rotten fields, which sank deeper and deeper, and the villagers who pulled the cars collapsed one after another in the rain. At this time, the time on the mobile phone has jumped to 3:28 pm. Another four-wheel drive Qinglin pickup truck followed tried to pull back, but was also pulled across the road. Uncle Wan Lin, the owner of the fertilizer, never gave up. He took a rake, a hoe and a straw, hoping to pass through the pass. Because there were many cars parked here, he hoped that the roads which were funded by the government and built by everyone with money could really be used and several mu of land could be planted well. There are 9 packs of fertilizer on the car. If it can’t be pulled at home now, it will take about two days to carry it all by manpower. Wanling said Uncle: If the fertilizer is transported from Blackwater or Maoba to home, the Superior Labor can only plate one pack a day. 9 packs of fertilizer will delay the road for 9 days. One road costs 100 yuan, and the whole loss is 900 yuan. Guoping was his son, and now he was engaged in transportation. He asked him to go home to grind his shoulder and back, and he was unwilling to beat him to death. I was going back to the city to participate in the press festival. After paying the gift money, I hurried to have a few meals and went back in another car with difficulty. In the rain, Uncle Wan Lin was still waving a four-tooth rake to build roads and dig cars, just like he bent down to transplant rice seedlings, planted potato and sweet potatoes, and fed pigs and cattle. His cousin Guoping was on fire in his eldest brother’s home, scolding the rotten road constantly, blaming his father for his stubborn brain to defend the land. Uncle Wansheng didn’t come back for more than a year. 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