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After lunch, my colleague took his son and asked him to try on the new cotton-padded jacket that he just bought online. Although he is a boy and just in the first grade, he is a boy who loves beauty very much. I remember one day last week, he wore a new cotton-padded jacket which was not bright but said that he didn’t look good on it. His mother also asked everyone loudly: do you think Youyou look handsome in this cotton-padded jacket? Of course it’s handsome, a handsome guy, be careful when walking, don’t be robbed by any one! Hearing everyone said he was handsome, he went back to the classroom happily. Today, I tried on a new cotton-padded jacket here, which is a green cotton-padded jacket with novel style. Let alone his happiness. It fits me well. His mother told him to take it off. He refused to wear a new one and asked: why don’t you let me wear it? It’s all dirty for you to wear. There will be no new clothes to wear during the new year. You should keep it for the new year! When is the new year? There is still more than a month left. That’s how long? The first grade children have no idea about more than a month, so they continue to ask questions breaking the sand pot. Is there are thirty days New Year. Alas, there is still such a long time, why is it still less than a year? I want to celebrate the New Year, Mom, I want to celebrate the new year tomorrow. Listening to his shouting and looking forward to the new year tomorrow, I couldn’t help sighing: I was looking forward to the new year when I was a child, and I was afraid of the new year when I grew up! I remember how much I was looking forward to the new year when I was young! At that time, family conditions were rather bitter, unlike now when I was hungry, I could buy anything I wanted to eat. I still remember clearly that when I was in primary school, a girl with relatively good family condition in the class brought steamed buns to school every day. After class, the classmates would stretch out their hands around her to give me some food. She would also share it with everyone without reservation. At that time, chewing steamed bread slices was a kind of enjoyment, and no matter how it was, she could not eat the fragrance of that year, although the steamed bread slices at that time might not really be so delicious. At that time, eating raw tender broad beans was so delicious. At that time, every day when I came home from school, I could eat a bowl of rice mixed with red amaranth soup, which was the most delicious snack. All the children were looking forward to the new year, and only the new, only candy can be eaten and new clothes can be worn. In the second half of the year, I will count how long the new year will last with my fingers. The mood of looking forward to it is really beyond words. When I was young, I was looking forward to the New Year. Besides eating delicious food, I was always happy that I had grown up one year old and grew a little taller. I would be taller than the little tree when I posted blessings to the little tree on the eve of the year, whispered to the little tree: Little Tree, little tree, you will grow this year, and I will grow next year. Now I am in middle age, looking at my child looking forward to the new year and growing up, but I am a little afraid of the New Year. The new year means getting older and getting older. Recalling every bit of childhood, everything is still vivid in my mind, only to blame the rush of time. I sigh with emotion that it would be great to be able to rejuvenate. At that time, I will still look forward to the new year and grow up. However, now that we have reached the middle of life, we still welcome the new year with a hearty heart, because we feel that with the growth of age and the experience of life, our thoughts are gradually maturing along the way. 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