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The reason why I choose to govern without doing anything when dealing with the issue of children’s growth and learning is that apart from the feeling of the meaning of life gradually formed in my limited experience, there is also an extremely important external cause, that is, the reports about incurable diseases such as leukemia of infants and teenagers happened to be seen on the screen of newspapers from time to time during the period before and after the birth of children, in the Western world, including the Soviet Union at that time, there were young people who began to be popular because they were afraid that the polluted natural environment could not guarantee the healthy growth of the next generation. This caused me to think about my child’s future. I asked myself more than once: if my child encounters similar events, how should I face them? The answer is gradually clear after self-questioning again and again. I don’t know if this answer is unique, but I believe that at least for me, this is the correct answer that I should follow, that is, let it go, fully respect the nature of children, and try not to do things that may make me regret in the future. In case I really encounter those things, at least I can say to myself without regret: I don’t regret! People, sometimes they are really a little greedy. Children are healthy, family harmony is still not satisfied, intentionally or unintentionally, they will still be led by their own subconscious, involuntarily compare with others, compared with houses, cars, is the child yours than the child? Yes, it is your own flesh and blood. There are your genetic components in the blood circulating around the child, but it is really not yours. They are just gifts from God, but the creator has entrusted you to take care of them for a period of time. They are just the same passers-by who are destined to go a long way with you. They have their own lives, their own joys and sorrows. When they are toddlers, you should take their little hands patiently. When they grow up, you should let them go calmly, let them spread their wings and watch them soar. They may be the eagle fighting in the sky, the Wild Goose coming to spring in autumn, the swallow nesting in the mud, the noble and elegant swan, or the house sparrow chattering in front of and behind the house, they finally position in the society why roles are really not the most important. The most important thing is to grow up healthily, to have a normal mind, to understand the truth of being a human being, to know family ties and to know gratitude, is it enough to see those people with physical or intellectual disabilities who work in welfare enterprises affiliated to the civil affairs bureau? Because their parents are unwilling to abandon their own flesh and blood, there is naturally a difficult process that we ordinary people can hardly imagine and bear along the way. Those parents have no other extravagant demands any more. Their children can recognize money in the hour, do some simple auxiliary work, and have an income to make a living is enough. I once had a simple conversation with several parents of the disabled. Do you know what they said? It’s very good, I went to the welfare house to have a look, it’s better than the bed collapsed all the year round. In case that the prison was collapsed on the bed, Ah only took care of IgE, Yi didn’t push it out and didn’t care about Huo, it was a villain of his own. The tone was so plain and the expression was so serene, it seemed that he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him, but the wrinkles covered with the corners of his eyes and the white hair covered with the corners of his hair were all shining with the greatness of human nature. I listened silently and thought silently. I was really deeply touched by the unpredictable situation in thousands of days. People would have troubles and fortunes. Our children have all kinds of limbs, good facial features, good health and normal mind. That was our blessing. No one wants their children to be like those disabled people, but who can guarantee that their children can live a safe life? Once there is an accident that nobody wants to see, I believe that more than 99% of parents will not leave their children alone, we will certainly do our best to take care of the children and take care of them. This is the inherent humanity that we are born! However, when we face the children who are physically and mentally healthy, why are we always dissatisfied when we are picky? Do you still have to take away the time that should belong to children’s relaxation and self-regulation by endless supplementary classes and meals? It can be said that this is my motto to be pessimistic and optimistic about life. What danger? This is! If we can treat every seemingly ordinary day as the last day before the destruction of the Earth, I believe that everyone will be more calm and will try our best to treat everything around us, we will certainly look down upon those things like fame and wealth, and naturally we will give more understanding, respect and tolerance to our children. In front of us, there will be an atmosphere of either inviting tutors or attending tutoring, it is not easy to truly respect the nature of children. No one wants their children to lose at the starting line, and everyone wants their children to stand out. But why do our children have to squeeze that single-log bridge? Why can’t they be excellent cooks, gardeners and tailors? Don’t think I’m saying something ready-made, the reason why I will do as I wrote in the blog post published a few days ago is that I really think so. If your child is a piece of material for reading, then let him keep reading. If not, then help him find a business that he likes. At this point, I really appreciate the so-called American dream to do what I like and get enough rewards to support my family. Don’t be too superstitious about those great works about family education, every child is the unique work of God and has his own unique talent and disposition. The successful educational experience of other children is not necessarily suitable for our children. In my opinion, on the issue of children’s education, what our parents can do is to observe carefully, guide the situation and follow the course. A scene that I can’t forget comes to my eyes, that was seen in the news report about Wenchuan earthquake. The father choked and said, “she has always been very obedient, but yesterday she asked me for 1 yuan, but I didn’t give her how many Yin and Yang separated from father and daughter caused by the sudden fall of heaven and earth. This was a natural disaster that no one could resist. What we can do is whether similar disasters will happen under our feet, whether they will happen tomorrow, and whether we get along with our children, try not to do stupid things that will make you regret your intestines in the future. I knew it would be like this, I wouldn’t force her to practice piano like this. If I knew that his heart was under such great pressure, I won’t force him to take off CET-6 even if he says anything. We have seen too much and heard too much in similar scenes, and then blame ourselves with beating our chests, it’s useless to cry and grab the land again. 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