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The slip-

[Introduction] after reading “an author said she was lucky, and she forgave all the setbacks, loneliness and so on that fate gave her. Because he gave me the best quality in the world: Don’t be discouraged, have a call, love freedom. The article “man is an army” is deeply touched. The author of this articleRead More



Once again, I sat next to the computer and knocked my own bit by bit. Maybe no one paid attention to it, but he just said to himself some whispers. The wind can be heard, the rain can be heard, and the world can be heard. Today, on the 115th anniversary of Jiaotong University, IRead More



[Introduction] “I have you all my life”. Recently, I like this song very much. I have you all my life. Will this really happen? On the balance of love and affection, will we have each other all our lives? Will we talk freely like before after getting married? When the spirit almost reached its peak,Read More