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The love between us is a fairy tale or a joke. The first encounter in my memory was at the age of seventeen, the pure and ignorant age. At the beginning of school, I walked on the Boulevard of the school with heavy luggage, protesting that my parents asked me to bring so many things to the school while walking. Finally, I couldn’t walk any more, just squatting under the tree, suddenly the wind blew a burst of fragrance of grass, raised your head, you are such a rumor in the sun, wearing a white shirt, black shoulder bag casually put on your shoulder, my eyes were clear but indifferent, walking quietly in front of me. At that time, I had a wonderful feeling, as if my whole body was filled with strength. I stood up, picked up everything and ran to the dormitory building quickly. After that, it was a month of military training. I saw you in the canteen occasionally when eating. You always waited in line and ate attentively, so I could watch you boldly, the military training made me feel very dark and depressed for a long time. I suddenly missed my parents and went to the back playground of the school to protest against the stars for a long time. Then I walked slowly to the classroom, but I always felt that there was someone following me, thinking that there was no one here. I was very scared and walked faster and faster. Finally, I simply ran away, but I was tripped to the ground by a stone and sprained my foot, I had no choice but to shout at the back: Don’t blame me for coming again! After a long time, there came a low smile, and a pair of white sneakers appeared in front of me. I looked up and was shocked to see that the owner of the shoes was you, I jumped up from the ground but forgot my sprained foot. As a result, I fell in front of you without any image. I was anxious and annoyed, and felt embarrassed in front of you, You looked at me for a long time and said faintly: foot hurt? I nodded instinctively and then shook my head, thinking about how I could be so useless in front of you. When you left, I would crawl back even if I crawled. You frowned gently, then carried me half squat down, I looked at you blankly, you said hurry up. I was astonished for a long time, and then I saw you frowning deeper and deeper, and then I leaned on your back in reality. Your back was very warm and comfortable. Walking on the road, we said nothing and enjoyed the beautiful night quietly. Later, you told me that it was my twittering protest that woke you up when you slept there that time. Later, when I left, you also prepared to go to the classroom, then there was everything dramatic afterwards. You also said it was the first time that you recited a girl. So handsome and sunny you have already been the goal of all the girls in our dormitory. Almost every night I talk about you. I know your name Xi from them. Knowing which class you are in, knowing that you like to wear white shirts, in fact, I also like white, very clean color. Knowing that you like to sleep, the time you close your eyes every day is longer than the time you open your eyes, but your grades are very good. Every time you are called by the teacher, you can answer the difficult questions like flow. Know that you have the habit of running and exercising every morning. Knowing that you like basketball very much, you can almost see your strong and handsome back on the basketball court every day. As long as you are there, it is the place where girls gather most, every time I play basketball, I will receive a lot of towels and water, and then when I watch the play behind them, I see your helpless expression laughing crazily, after receiving your dangerous eyes, you shut up tactfully, but still don’t forget to make a face to you and then run away happily. The first monthly exam was soon welcomed, and the learning atmosphere in the class was also strong. In those days, I almost held books every day, reading while walking and eating, one time when I was walking and reading after school, I didn’t notice that I suddenly ran into a meat Wall and rubbed my red forehead. I looked up apologetically, but saw your bantering expression, I stared at you fiercely, but said sorry vaguely based on politeness and then walked away. Later, you said that I didn’t notice that there was a pillar in front of me when I was reading at that time. It would be very miserable if I ran into it, so you stood in front of me and tried to draw back my attention, but I still didn’t notice that the Edge hit you. The results of the monthly exam came out. I am the first in the class and the second in the grade, because the first was you. Looking at the report card published on the bulletin board, I just smiled gently. The score was just a number, one day I will surpass you. With the announcement of the results of the monthly exam, your popularity has become more popular. Almost all the people in the school know your name, but you are still light, and you still appear on the basketball court every day, sweating like rain, looking at you who are so confident and sunny, I also become happy. I live a comfortable life every day. My roommates in the dormitory care about me, the class teacher’s attention, and the praise eyes of teachers of all subjects, at that time, I even smiled when walking. One day, a girl in the dormitory ran back crying. We thought who bullied her and asked for a long time, and said angrily that we should give the person a lesson. Later, Ling said that she confessed to you, I was rejected by you, and then we were all silent, but we didn’t understand that Ling was recognized as a banhua in our class and was excellent in all aspects, isn’t She enough to make you feel a little excited? Your heart is really so high, can we only look up to you? Simple and ordinary, I was just a small foot in school. I didn’t sign up for any club or join any student union. I just wanted to concentrate on my study and live my campus life peacefully, every day, when you listen to the girl in school telling you that the girl in that class is rejected by you, the boy in that class finds fault with you but is settled down by you in less than three minutes. You become more and more mythical. Such a quiet day lasts until one morning, and all the classmates are eating in line in the canteen, Smiling flowers appear proudly in front of us holding your shoulder. I just concentrate on eating breakfast. Although I feel very uncomfortable, I am probably the only girl in the school who can eat it at this time, all my hearts were broken. You were still indifferent, then you avoided her hands, smiling awkwardly. Suddenly the milk in my hands was taken away and put on the table. You held my hands and announced in front of everyone: she is my girlfriend. I was shocked, and then laughed at myself, I am just your shield! Then we walked out of the dining room holding hands. After coming out, I pulled out my hand and prepared to go to the classroom. You stood up and stopped me. I pretended to be relaxed and said: I will be your shield, thank you for carrying me to the classroom last time. Just, my heart is very painful. In this way, I, who was originally unknown, suddenly became the focus of the school. Every day, I accepted people’s hostility or envious eyes, which caused more troubles and added a task, just watch you play basketball. After playing basketball, I will send you a towel and water, Although I was squeezed into the corner by them every time. I have protested with you. You said that was what a girlfriend should do. shit! I promised you because I thought the days were too boring. Christmas is coming, everyone is busy preparing gifts, there is a scarf wind blowing in the dormitory, they are playing scarves. As for me, my friend asked me what gift I was going to give you. I said there was no gift. She said that couples should give gifts at Christmas, and I said I had nothing to give. On Christmas night, the class was very lively. The students held activities on their own. Everyone was having a good time. Suddenly the door of the classroom was kicked open, and you walked to my desk with your hands in the bag, everyone stopped talking, and even a girl said: so handsome! You pulled me to the playground, took a delicate box and put it into my palm. With a red face, you asked me to open it. I opened it as a pendant of a cross. How do you know that I like the cross, looking at You doubtfully, don’t say: put it on. I said I don’t want it. You looked at me angrily and said you should wear it even if you don’t want it. I said why you were so overbearing. There was a Clover pendant around my neck, which was given by my parents from small to large. You frowned and asked me to take it off first, I don’t want it, so you just pick it yourself. My face turns red even when your fingers slide over my neck. Then you seem to think of something to open your hands to me. I ask why, you said: where is my gift? Did I say it rightfully? You smiled and shook my pendant and said: then this is a gift. As soon as I was about to sayno, you ran away and said something that asked me to kick my feet: If you don’t take the pendant I sent you, then I will throw it into the river. shit! Since then, it seems that we have changed. You will often come to me, although there are sufficient reasons every time. We will read books on the lawn, although you fall asleep every time, when you played basketball, you asked me to watch, but you won but showed me. On the morning of the weekend, I washed clothes in the bathroom. You called me to go shopping together. I was so scared that my mobile phone fell to the ground, after they came out, they didn’t know what to do. They went around the park like this. Finally, I couldn’t help thinking: when will we go around. You asked: Are you hungry? I fainted: you treat me as a storage cabinet. I drank three cups of milk tea, two hamburgers and an ice cream. It was not so easy to get hungry. Then there was a burst of silence. I regretted to death. I had known that reading books at school was better than this. You stopped me when I was about to go back to school. You said we should associate with each other. I was dejected. Aren’t we dating? You said it was a real contact. At that time, I suddenly didn’t know what to say. I just looked at you blankly. You felt uncomfortable when I saw you: I seemed to like you, an idiot. NN, this is not a confession. If you add it, it seems not to say, but also to look at idiots. I look at you angrily, and then seriously say: if you put it like, I would consider it if I saved myself from being an idiot. You laughed, but I was shocked. It was the first time I saw you laughing like this, laughing so heartily. It turned out that your smile was more handsome. Your hand rubbed my hair, then pulled me: go, my little idiot. I was pulled by you and smiled very sweet behind me, very sweet. After that day, we seemed to be closer. I could always see the smile on your mouth. I got up late and went to the classroom. Your breakfast had been put on my desk, when you play basketball, I will be the first one to rush up to wipe your sweat and deliver water. No one can squeeze me away. At night, we will go to the playground together to watch the stars. I always like to raise my head and ask you: why me? Why do you like me. You said you didn’t know, just like it. I asked how long will you like me? You said you would like it all the time. Then I will rush into your arms, listen to your heartbeat and laughter, often look at your handsome face in a daze, you always rub my hair with a smile, then I raised my head and stared at you to protest that you broke my hairstyle. You would take the opportunity to kiss me on my face, successfully saw me blush and lowered my head, and finally gently hugged me, say: little idiot. I raised my head and bumped into your chin. You stared at me with pain. I smiled and said: Who let you always call me an idiot. In PE class, when a woman shoots, I always fail to score and feel depressed. When eating at noon, you put all the air on the meal. You grabbed my chopsticks with chopsticks: If you continue like this, can you still eat the meal? I looked at you with a headache. Why can’t I make shots? I’m pissed off. You smile and talk about the problem of character. I’m so angry that I don’t want to have dinner anymore. You rub my hair and say that I will teach you after dinner. My treacherous smile is waiting for you. When I am sick, you will run to my classroom and carry me to the infirmary without eating. I want to lose weight and do not have breakfast in the morning, you will drag me outside to buy a lot of breakfast after you go to early school and watch me finish it …… however, later, you suddenly disappeared from school and the principal said that you transferred to another school, I wanted to find you but found that I didn’t know where to find you. I didn’t even have the number of one of your friends. The whole world seemed to collapse. I cried and looked for you everywhere, every night, I stayed in the playground where we often watched the stars together. I called you countless times and stopped your phone. It was obviously good. Why did you disappear? Why didn’t you tell me when you left, I often wake up in the middle of the night and run to the playground thinking that you will come back here, but I am always disappointed again and again. In the end, I am desperate. Xi, have we ever loved each other? Is that love? If so, then our love is a fairy tale or a joke. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. 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