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I am forcing myself to calm down and clean up my heart that has fallen wild over the past few months. I haven’t written anything for several months, but I have no mind to write, no, I have nothing to write. Why does it suddenly become nothing to write? I feel that I can’t figure it out. Since there is nothing to write now, are those things written before? Hey, what is this? Is empty? No, I don’t feel empty. Is blundering? Why is it impetuous? Maybe something has changed. Micro-blog? Is microblogging! Attention! Numerous news rank events attract the analysis of reality. The positive and the negative came together, changing the consistent thinking. In the past few months, I have been addicted to this micro world. Few people around on the same platform play scarf, so I am weaker than Interaction, just like standing alone by the sea, consciously and excitedly letting the sea breeze blow, let the skin of the whole body be numb by the flowing air, and accept the impact of a new thinking. That is to sigh with emotion that young people can’t understand the rich microblog language if they are not careful. Children’s shoes, throw pot, mouth pity, God horse, clothing with control these you only know some? I tried my best to use a few, but I thought it was not consistent with my age and identity. Of course, I set up microblog to communicate with my daughter and to reduce the generation gap. I tried my best to learn and read those new words. Even if I didn’t understand them, I would force myself to accept them. Of course, in this process, I also feel that I am less enthusiastic and angry than others in the micro world. Maybe I have listened too much and watched too much. Maybe I feel that I can do nothing and there is no need to worry about it, especially for those related to political power and politics, maybe I am the object of accountability, it is even more impossible to show where I can stand firmly. You can see that the bullet train collided and millions of people swept away the microblog like a flood. This kind of democracy has brought yellow cards to our government’s performance of duties unprecedentedly. As a public official, I am was a little stunned and anxious without any hidden instruction. Maybe one day, I would also suffer the same treatment within my authority. For the first time, I saw so many truths of good or bad words on Weibo, and my own rules were completely destroyed. As for the reality, it seems to be more realistic and more sympathetic to the voices of the people at the bottom. All of these come from iPhone4. It changed the taste of my life. Just a mobile phone in hand, can be said to have everything, enough time for recreation beyond eight hours. Therefore, it can be said to be impetuous or abundant, which makes me feel that I don’t need words to fill my spare time for the time being. What is a good life? At my age, I should try my best to do whatever I want. I don’t need to be nervous and busy, and I don’t need to be depressed because of my heavy load. There is justice but not anger; There are opinions but not bias; There is happiness but not addiction. On iphone4, playing games played by young people, you will master more modern means than others, thus leading your thoughts to integrate into the field of advanced science and technology, update those old and fashionable ingredients in your mind. People always grow old, but they are always not terrible. In the past, I often avoided my age and identity in articles. I didn’t dare to face the advantage that I was about to lose, or I could also say that I was worried that the youth of words could not dress up the trace of time. However, when the sun rises from the east every day, I always have a kind of excitement, because I see the hope of the Sun’s rebirth every day. A few days ago, I watched more than a dozen TV series on the Internet for two nights, but it was brought to a distant era by the plots. In the dead of night, people were a little empty, everything around is no longer familiar. No wonder actors forget themselves in real life when entering roles. Looking back at this period of time, there are quite a few meaningful things, but I have just entered another situation. I am a little flustered without writing actions. After all, using words to express my thoughts is the best choice, because in this way, the thoughts will have life and can continue to be preserved. Write carefully. I tell myself that because autumn is coming, my skin becomes smooth. 2. I said I would write carefully. I said this in order to let me put it into action. I forced myself to calm down for my words. My words are my second heart, and I can’t live without it. From the moment I decided to change the garage into a study, I firmly said that it was for my leisure life after freedom, and half of it was for my words, I am confident that I will be very devoted to this decision and boast. As expected, the new study I was about to have excited me for several months, from the conception of the function of this small space, the positioning of decorative materials to the coming and going of groups of workers, every day there are questions for thinking, every day you see changes, and every day you realize your own ideas. The solid wood composite floor with natural wood grain is supposed to be on the wall on the right, hoping to become the photo wall in Jiuzhaigou Paradise which is always optimistic; The large white plastic frame is equipped with electric roller shutter sliding door, which can be put and put freely, when the cold winter came, the sun shot into the room, and the old parents sat on the chair, leisurely and leisurely, didn’t I become a filial daughter? The most boring thing in life is to remain unchanged and do nothing. When the garage was once in a mess and everything was becoming more and more complete and perfect in the hands of workers, I couldn’t help intoxicated myself in the process of knocking, beating and brushing powder, because the instant changes brought me great fun and enjoyment, I didn’t feel annoyed, and I didn’t feel busy, only the satisfaction of thinking and the pride of achievement. However, whenever an idea changes from imagination to reality, getting others’ approval becomes the key to success or failure. Therefore, I constantly invited others to judge, and even deliberately listened to the gossips of passers-by, just like a public opinion assessment. For a long time, I have been collecting these assessment opinions, the purpose is to score yourself so as to strengthen your unsteadiness. I am think that a person who cares about others’ opinions is a rational person, and he will never forget himself because of overconfidence. The workers withdrew, and the work left was entirely mine. In fact, I have already thought about what kind of bookshelf, desk and small ornaments to buy. From the very beginning, I had a crush on Japanese MUJI series products, which are simple, elegant, exquisite, simple and full of modern flavor. Others said I was very fashionable, but I was a little proud. Because I always advocate the integration of personal life and modernity, life is not aging because of age, residence is not beautiful because of classicism, antique is just a historical value, however, it can’t be used as daily necessities. If so, it will only be inconsistent with people’s modern characteristics. Just in this way, I chose MUJI, not gorgeous, not restrained. This MUJI product is really awesome, In addition to being not cheap, out-of-stock things often happen. If the furniture you like is not in stock, it will take two months from the delivery of the order. Because although the products are produced domestically, but because the management is in Japan, an order goes around the Earth in a circle at home and abroad. Even so, I still firmly believe in this product, because as long as you buy one, other products will not be compatible, which is the mystery of this product. Finally, I fell in this new book room. Every time I went home after dinner, walked around the stairs, entered the new study, turned on the LED outline light, lit MULI’s fragrance, sweet orange flavor, and collapsed in the lazy sofa, looking at the bluish green wallpaper with machine embroidery on the opposite side and the TV wall pasted with brown vintage mosaic in the middle, holding iPhone, playing the game of Wind story, be the mayor to build a city (this is a fun game for me to be taken care of by the director, I must be serious). I was tired of playing. I closed my eyes and went to sleep carelessly. I woke up and forgot why I was not in my room upstairs. One day, two days, half a month and one month, I seemed to lose my previous life. I started to pick up the TV remote control board that I hadn’t taken for three years. I was tired of watching it. I pressed my chest with my left hand, I asked my heart surprisingly with my brain: will I spend time like now? Of course not! But I can’t resist the temptation of the study environment. On the front side, there is a strip of white and tender natural marble with delicate face like a baby, on which is a delicate MUJI small square clock and a transparent MUJI five-layer storage grid; the bookshelf of oak color is full of sets of books and crystal small ornaments under the light; The comfortable sofa bed and those small potted plants that I need to take care of, such as a clump of money grass raised in the glass jar, the leaf plates, thin stems and white roots of the garden stretch out into the water …… although it was late at night, there were still people walking outside the yard from time to time. I sat on the floor with strong wood texture, leaning against the edge of the sofa, looking at the carefully selected white crystal lamp on the top of the head, looking back and appreciating the floor wall like a sea of clouds, I thought in my heart: it is time to return to the previous life state, the lines and planes which are worth recalling, remembering, preserving, exaggerating and loving, and the crisp laughter and music came from time to time in the vertical and horizontal picture. The imaginary state of mind that hysteria came up with is like seeing a beam of slanting sunlight in the forest in the morning. It is really created by the heart, which can only be obtained in silence. That day, I finally found my mood in front of Nanhai Avalokitesvara in Mount Putuo. Therefore, I invited a white porcelain Avalokitesvara with a height of 43cm in a shop under that tall Avalokitesvara statue, it is on the rightmost column of the bookshelf. Every time I entered the study and saw its quiet appearance, my heart was settled down and I meditated my thoughts without any distracting thoughts. There were fewer and fewer people walking outside. I sat on MUJI’s white desk which was as simple as a fast dining table in the new study, closed the black DELL laptop, held my fist and stretched my arms, I turned my neck and heaved a sigh of relief: I finally finished my debut “write well” in recent months 2011, 9, 22 Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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