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[Introduction] in the outpatient building, friends witnessed patients coming from all directions, and he thought that maybe they would come here with some kind of beautiful expectation like him, then I will leave here with joy. On that day, my friend had a small surgery of sinusitis in the first affiliated hospital of a university in the provincial capital. The big hospital is so big that friends often cannot find the front door of the hospital. Once, I went out to buy something and came back late. I walked around to the teaching building of this university and enjoyed the scenery in the shade of the campus for half a day. Big hospitals implement the one-card system of medical card. When paying money, testing and taking medicine, the card is drawn, which means that the card is automatically arranged, and then the doctor will be prompted to call the patient’s name by the computer. The 24th floor of the new outpatient building of the big hospital is the inpatient department of ENT, where friends are hospitalized. On that day, my friend looked down from the window of the corridor, feeling that the cars on the street were as small as toys, while at night, the lights on the street flickered like flowing rivers, he felt as if he was in the sky. My friend’s surgery is scheduled for the next Monday after being hospitalized, and there are still three days from now. He was a little stuffy these three days. There were patients around him, some of whom had laryngeal surgery, some had ear surgery, and some had nose surgery. Of course, this is Ent after all. Friends always have to look at patients who have nose surgery a few more times, and they are imagining what they look like after the surgery. In the three days before the operation, his friend was free and unrestrained. He was the only patient in the ENT Ward at that time who didn’t wear a patient uniform. He wore sportswear and went upstairs and downstairs without taking the elevator, I sneaked out for morning exercises secretly in the morning. If he had an operation, he would have to lie in a hospital bed every day. His action would not be as convenient as now, but his treatment would not be bad at all, enjoy the first-class nursing treatment in the hospital. There are specialized service staff in the elevator of the big hospital, whose service is very warm and thoughtful; Nurses in the big hospital are all trained specially, smiling like angels. On the first day of hospitalization, the nurse on duty introduced the surrounding environment of the ward to friends. Where is the nurse station, where is the doctor’s duty room, where is the bathroom, the ward has hot water bathroom and so on. The technology of doctors in big hospitals is also first-rate. There lived a two-year-old child who sucked peanuts into the trachea in the ward. At that time, his crying shocked the whole floor. The child cried, so did his mother. At this time, the doctor did not allow the mother to breastfeed and water the child for fear of choking the child. When the operation was due, all the patients in the same room felt that the child was pitiful and worried about him anxiously. When signing the operation, the child’s father hesitated a little, but he believed that all the doctors in the big hospital were the best, so he signed his name resolutely. Perhaps it was such trust that the doctor successfully sucked out that deadly peanut for the child. The child was saved without an operation. My friend thought that he was definitely not the only one who wanted to cheer. This is a real episode. What I want to say is actually a friend’s minor operation. My friend’s sinus surgery had been done in countless dreams as early as a month ago. Of course, the surgery in the dream was a thrilling scene, and his heart was heavily burdened. My friend wanted the doctor to take care of him, so he prepared enough money and red envelope and came to the doctor’s duty room. However, his attending physician did not accept the red envelope. The doctor said, we will try our best to do every operation without saying this or accepting red envelopes. Looking at the young and handsome face of the doctor, my friend suddenly felt that he was so tall. At this time, all the worries in his friend’s heart did not exist. He ate well, slept well, and felt free. He felt that his sinusitis had recovered and he did not have nightmares any more. Although the doctor gave his friend a lot of relief, he was so nervous that he ran to the bathroom again and again on the day of the real operation, and even went to the operating table. He also asked the doctor whether he could go to the bathroom again. My friend glanced at the doctor. The doctor said it was OK. Don’t be nervous. It was just a minor operation. In the big hospital, this was another sentence that his friend heard that moved him and made him unforgettable. Soon, my friend’s surgery was over. After him, nine patients were successively pushed into the operating room. My friend didn’t know how many surgeries the doctor had done that day, but he didn’t see the exhaustion of the doctor. Perhaps for this doctor, this kind of operation is very familiar. Doctors in big hospitals are very busy, but they never ignore every patient. The attending doctor of a friend often takes time to visit him, asking and checking his postoperative condition. There are ten beds in the postoperative intensive care unit. Most of the patients here were operated on the same day. One night at two or three o’clock, a patient accidentally dropped his package on the ground with a loud voice. The nurse on duty stood up immediately and asked anxiously: Which patient fell underground? Her voice was full of concern and responsibility, as if the patient was her relatives. My friend recovered well after surgery, but he needed to diminish inflammation. He wanted to stay in the hospital for a few more days. However, the beds in big hospitals are tight. No matter what kind of patients, as long as the doctor thinks you can leave the hospital, you can’t stay for another day at this time. Of course, doctors see that you can’t leave the hospital, and they won’t let you leave even if they want to leave. This may be the style of a big hospital. On the day of leaving hospital, doctors and nurses exhorted that they should take medicine frequently to avoid wound inflammation. At this time, his friend was a little reluctant to part with him, and his lover joked that he was addicted to hospitalization. In the outpatient building, his friend witnessed the patients coming from all directions. He thought that maybe they would come here with some kind of beautiful expectation like him, and then they would leave here with joy. When I wrote this article, it was already the 14th day of my friend’s surgery. His friend said that his sense of smell suddenly recovered on this morning, and he smelt the long-lost smell of soybean milk and eggs. Whether it is a temporary or permanent recovery, it is a surprise in the life of a friend. Because in the past three years, no one told him that his sense of smell could recover. It turns out that soybean milk and eggs are so fragrant! My friends almost forgot its attractive smell. At this time, my friend felt that there was a doctor smiling at him, and the smile hung on that man’s face for a long time. [Editor in charge: Lu Li]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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