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From summer

I can’t escape from the devil’s claw of May. It pinched on my neck without any hesitation. [May 1st] Holiday, sleep at 9: 30, and start at 11: 00. [May 2nd] during the holiday, I read a thick English grammar book. [May 3rd] a song “Overfire” brought Gao 19 to a climax like fire. I didn’t give applause. No one could see the support in my heart. [May 4th] I finally realized that if I fall behind, I will be beaten. If I fall behind in exams, I may not only be beaten. [May 5] Seeing that his only political candidate reluctantly won the third prize, he cried alone in the bed in the bedroom. [May Ⅵ] walking out of the classroom, I was confused, lifted up my mind, jumped on the bicycle, went home, ate, took a bath, and then went to the evening to repair. Youth is a puzzle made up of these trivial things. But I always feel something is missing, otherwise the puzzle will not be complete. It is not only gray, but also gray. [May 7] I watched a heart-wrenching basketball match. [May 8th] after reading two novels, I shed endless tears like getting sick. Looking up 45 times to the sky, no one saw the tears. [May 9th] on Sunday, from 11:03, wash clothes, and then have breakfast at 50 cents. Then I received a lot of messages: I haven’t contacted for a long time, what are you doing, have you got up, why don’t you say anything. I want to reply, but there is no charge for the mobile phone. At three o’clock, wake up, it’s so hot. At 11:58 in the evening, she said to her in her heart, Happy Mother’s Day. [May 10th] it rained heavily, and the rain wet the little shoes, holding an umbrella and carrying trouser legs, walking carefully from the red brick put in the water. I saw a boy who was very similar to Lu Zhiang. [May 12] Wenchuan is less and less sad than two years ago. Who ever said that he would never forget, who ever said that he was heartbroken, and who ever said that he was heartbroken? In fact, time cannot smooth everything, but it will dilute everything. The scene of cherishing Japan and becoming a country is just a burst of laughter. Time is so cute, and people’s heart is more lovely. Happy birthday to Xiao Li [May 13] In fact, you all know the reason why I don’t speak. What I want is a long journey of a person, carrying his own big back color, with a heavy big camera inside. In that way, I can see each other again, say goodbye and meet each other. In that way, you can disappear in front of one person. Let others die out of their own world one by one. One stop after another, I want to live in the world of walking. I want to live in a silent world. I always keep my mobile phone in a state where I can’t contact with the outside world, so no one can find me. Let it stop. If it stops, you won’t be unable to find who to call. You don’t have to hesitate to answer it, but you don’t know what to say after answering it. Who is wrong? Is me. No one is wrong. Or, everyone is wrong. [May 14] Three-person tour. Don’t say that I am unsociable, don’t say that I am not close to others, this is just a three-person trip to Maoming Forest Park. I, painting, like the heart. Three good girl. I took a lot of photos and forgot whether I was smiling or pale. However, I really smiled and smiled in my heart, but you couldn’t see it. Therefore, don’t define me easily. Seeing many imprisoned and helpless souls, iron cages, scorching sun and fighting of trapped animals, I watched them crying in my heart helplessly that I am not your savior, let me see your eyes. I am just a passenger who has traveled thousands of miles. Those imprisoned animals also have destinies that cannot escape. There are caogaiting, qingmojiang, and a large group of fish. I watched them swimming around, as if I could feel their breath and eyes. At this moment, I feel that I am also a fish. Lonely and beautiful. [May 15] quiver for a song. I think of a relationship that I have been buried for a year. Not friendship. That is a boy with a little white face who likes surfing the Internet, can smoke, drink, can’t read clean web pages and novels, and a boy who is muddled in learning. He is a lonely person who doesn’t like to talk or understand sweet words, but he will lie on the bed alone and blow a desk fan to call me saying that it is very hot, he would call me on rainy days and let me listen to his ticking rain. These are the only two calls he gave me during the days he met him. In those days, there was the same figure waiting for me in the stairwell every night. On rainy days, we couldn’t go home from the rain under the eaves passing by …… but what he liked was what I hated most. He liked hugging, kissing. I don’t agree, resist, refuse. And then break up. Why he asked. I did not answer. Perhaps, I found out today that I don’t love him. I just want a strong sense of love. Then I transferred this feeling of being loved to girls. I began to love and protect every girl around me regardless of everything. I want to find someone who can replace myself by my side. I have been looking for it, but it has been failed. Perhaps for a long time, someone has hoped that he would be his substitute. I know, just like the moment Yi Yao died in Lin Huafeng, I have someone who loves Yi Yao like Lin Huafeng in love with me. Thank the boy for giving me warmth and the ups and downs we have gone through. [May 16] my deskmate said, your face was very pale when you took the bus, and your lips were not bloody at all. Therefore, I am a person who is not suitable for traveling, it is even impossible to have a person’s travel. [May 17] stop writing here. I don’t know how to describe this summer. All the beauty, happiness, pain and sadness. The wind in summer recorded the process of my loss alone. Repeatedly, repeatedly, back and forth. Like 2009 nian. 2008 nian. 2007 nian. In 2006, there was not much change. In the farthest place from summer, I have found that nothing can last forever except memory. The farthest place from summer is the figure of boys playing basketball, the cheer of girls holding mineral water for their beloved boys, and the echo that has not been erased for a long time in the corridor, which is 2:40 The Ringing Bell in the hot sun is what we said. We graduated again and divided into classes …… I can’t remember your face. We are all in the distance of stretching out our hands, like a small creature basking in the sun, smiling or chatting. Wait for the bell of the next class to ring. So close, it is the farthest summer. Later: after half a year, I will look back at these childish words, those rebellious, sad, and passing clouds. I don’t think I grew up on time. Those who accompanied me all the way, thank you. Thank you for staying deep in my mind. Now, although things are different, I have learned to grow, love, and be grateful. 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