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Love Hate

When flowers bloom, they are the most vulnerable. A gust of wind and a shower may shake her red everywhere. If you don’t see those people who are good at cultivating flowers, they always invite them into the house when the flower buds are first released in order to avoid the abuse of wind andRead More


You in

(1) the heart is very quiet. It’s a long-lost feeling. Maybe, maybe only the rain and sadness can cool the heart and break away from the troubles of the world, and the soul is completely immersed in the humidity of the soul which is just right and gently filled. Heart, strolling, in the rain. HereRead More



For two years, I have always stayed in the dormitory. Read novels or sleep. Bad mood not going anywhere class. At first, the teacher was in charge of me. Later, it might be because I didn’t change after repeated education, or it might be because I was too lazy to do this, so I letRead More