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Security is the eternal theme of human beings, the cornerstone of life, the ladder of joy, the guarantee of happiness and the source of benefits. Safety refers to the objective state without danger. In a safe state, there is no danger, no threat, and no accident. People’s first need is the most fundamental need is the need for safety, and the second is the need for eating, dressing and self-value realization. That is to say, the safety and health of life are the basis of all human behaviors and consciousness. Safety is the Personal Capital, and health is the foundation of life. However, if you don’t pay attention, the capital will be spent and the Foundation will be destroyed. By then, even if you one’s mind, just old yellow. Therefore, for the sake of longevity and relatives, we should attach importance to safety and live a healthy and happy life every day. It can be seen that safety is the foundation of life, and safety is the first wealth. Safety is relieved for a moment, and regret lasts for life. Money is what I want, and safety is what I want. Both of them can’t be taken together. It’s safe to give up money. Time, money, everything, if there is no safety, there will be no time, no money, nothing. Safety is more important than everything, safety is above everything, and safety is overwhelming. Safe for 10,000 days, the accident occurred immediately. Safety lies in long-term vigilance, and accidents are caused by instant paralysis; Safety lies in careful care, and accidents come from carelessness. Human life is only once, which is the most precious and priceless. Human life is above everything. Every production safety accident is accompanied by the loss of people’s lives and property, and even the disappearance of their lives; The casualties of each person will inevitably lead to the tragedy of a family, destroy the happiness of a family, even the family is ruined. Under the reflection of daily blood lessons, we see the importance of safety and the fragility of life, which is so vulnerable. Life is lighter than a feather, or heavier than Mount Tai. The lightness of life depends on whether people attach importance to them and whether they are regarded as treasures of the soul. Only such a life can compete with Mount Tai and compete with flowers. The life that is not valued by people is just like the misty smoke in the world, which will not radiate brilliance after all. Flowers are beautiful because of cherishing, and life is colorful because of cherishing. Human life is very precious. However, if you want to have life, you must put safety first and think about safety all the time. Only in this way can you have life. As the saying goes, the word Ping An is worth a lot of money. 1% slack is equal to failure, and protecting oneself is the care for family members. Don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt others, don’t be hurt by others. Don’t let small hidden dangers cause big disasters. People who often ask for directions will not lose their way; People who often check hidden dangers will not be injured in accidents. Safety should be considered everywhere, and everything should be measured by regulations. Smart people place their safety on compliance, while stupid people rely on Fluke for safety. Carelessness is the breeding ground of accidents. The flood destroyed the unstable riverbank, and people who didn’t pay attention to safety were visited by accident. If you can’t block the road that violates the rules, you can’t take a safe step. Children are close, wives and children are charming, and illegal homework is broken; Parents are old, children are small, and illegal command is tiring. Life is precious, and safety price is higher. If you want to care about both, you must abide by the rules. Hidden Risks in fire prevention is better than disaster relief, is extremely heavy duty. If we do not obey the laws of nature, do not protect the natural environment and plunder resources crazily in order to promote development, we will certainly be punished by nature and even make people pay the price of their lives. A healthy body cannot be separated from exercise, and a happy family cannot be separated from safety; Safety is the guarantee of family happiness, and accidents are the root cause of life tragedy. Safety knowledge is like a fishing net. The wider the fishing net is, the stronger it will be. The more accidents hidden in the net, the safer it will be. Security benefits the country, the people and oneself; Violation of regulations harms, harms oneself and the enterprise. Wife and Son Love Family, accident equals zero. Safety is equal to suicide, and hidden dangers are equal to taking poison. Safety brought happiness to the whole family, and the accident caused the pain of relatives. The essence of safety is life, and the meaning of safety is benefit. Safety comes first in action, and prevention comes first from me. The first alarm bell for safety is ringing frequently, and I regret for a lifetime due to negligence. Security is the passport of the security person, and violation is the epitome of the violation person. When you come to work in a stable mood, you will know the hidden danger clearly. Safe Work is not relaxing, and family happiness is in hand. Safety work should not be careless, and accident prevention should not be relaxed. Keep a clear mind and cherish your life. Tighten the string of safety and play the sound of happiness. Avoid being distressed after the event, and only prevent and strictly observe in advance. Don’t take risks and act cautiously. Carelessness is the hotbed of the accident, and carelessness is the reef of the safe channel. Not afraid earnestly said safety, only afraid grindstone out accident. You can’t catch sparrows with your eyes closed, and you can’t keep safe without learning technology. Don’t forget the safety promise, keep the system in mind; Take a look at it, take safety insurance, take one more step to prevent accidents; Draw a brick to pour a wall, loosen a screw and break a beam. If the loophole is not filled, the accident will be difficult to block; If the small hole is not filled, the big hole will suffer hardship; If the thought is loose, the accident will be attacked; If the thought is gone, the accident will occur immediately; If the rope is broken in the thin, accident the song department; Fast not good, accident often comes. If the frost hits the rootless grass, the accident will be aimed at lazy people; If the eggs are not smelly, flies will not be attracted, and if the thoughts are not loose, accidents will not be found; If the snake is not killed, it will be harmful, and hidden dangers will not, endless disasters; Accidents are commas for fools and ends for wise men. Bad again Small also can’t do, then a small good also to do. In the aspect of safe production, we should care about small things, and we should seize the insignificant things to make an issue of. Only by doing every small thing in front of us well, overcoming paralysis and ringing the alarm bell, only in this way can we ensure long-term safety. The road of life is long, and the long years need peace. Safety in production is not a big fortune. Fluke psychology and paralysis are the biggest hidden dangers. Only by truly putting safety awareness in mind and self-protection awareness in work can we fundamentally eliminate hidden dangers, reduce accidents and ensure safe production. The potential safety hazard is accidental, but there is necessity in the accident. When it is relaxed to a certain extent, there must be a safety accident. When habitual violation has become a matter of course, when the accident we escaped by luck only makes us feel that there is no danger, who would think of the accident, the ferocious devil, we are hiding in the dark corner, waiting for the opportunity to devour our happiness. If the sharp knife is not worn, it will rust, and the safety will not make mistakes; Safety comes from long-term vigilance, and the accident comes from instant paralysis; The lesson of the accident is a mirror, and the safety experience is a beacon; One person checks and one place is safe, while. Hidden danger is the concentrated expression of various problems in safety production. Incidents originating risks, risks not removed, accident not already. Only by doing a solid job in the investigation and management of hidden dangers can we truly grasp the initiative of work safety and ensure safe production. People, don’t forget that danger exists everywhere. 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