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On the weekend, he moved a chair and sat alone on the balcony. The Wind in March was warm and smooth. No wonder Huang Xizhi said in the preface of Orchid Pavilion collection that the wind was gentle and smooth. Our dormitory is on the sixth floor, so the balcony is also a place worthRead More



Wake up from a nightmare, especially tiredness. The riot like Lhasa incident unexpectedly happened in my dream, and I was also afraid. Dream turmoil, recklessly. The sun rose late, just like me. During the May Day holiday, I decided to go home. I have been back home once a year since I worked, but nowRead More



Sometimes you need to straighten your mind and position. Everything will be better if you don’t look too heavy, gently and silently! There are too many people who have no way to walk in the world, and there is no disturbance in the world. Love, hate, love and hatred are just their own hearts makingRead More