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The night was deep, people did not sleep, headache was like a crack, the belly was rolling, I was drunk. After a period of excessive fatigue and depression, together with the hospitality of my friends, I was drunk again, which was the second time in my life. The first drunkenness happened seven years ago. At that time, I was full of ambition. For my ideal and ambition, I drank three cups and was drunk. At that time, I thought it was worth it, but later I found that it was not worth it, especially not worth it. I got drunk 7 years ago because of my ideal. Recently, when I was drunk, I felt more happy for my friends. I thought that I could get rid of my sorrow once I got drunk. When I was drunk, my sorrow was still there. The so-called saying was: drinking wine to pour my sorrow into my sorrow was more painful, and it was. Men meet a glass of wine, women meet a cup of tea. I am not good at drinking, nor do I understand wine. The understanding of wine originates from Mr. Gu Long’s novels, and the description of knife and wine in Gu Long’s novels is very impressive. The most impressive sentence: Full Moon, machete, wine and red lips are regarded as classics by us in our school days. Only eight words describe all people and things with elegant artistic conception, elegant are. At that time, I was full of longing and imagination for wine. After taking part in the work, I gradually got in touch with wine and learned to drink. The drinking capacity is not big, but the drinking style is good. I don’t play tricks or drink alcohol, and I seldom fight with others. As long as the occasion is right and the atmosphere is good, drink it, but seldom get drunk. My close friends all said that I enjoyed drinking with me, saying that I had a large amount of wine and a small shelf, but I had never seen me drunk. In fact, I know the most clearly in my heart that I don’t have much capacity to drink, but I think the wine is not bad. If I can drink it, I won’t refuse or force it. As long as I am happy, I will drink it, and it is good if I. The cultivation of this drinking style should start with a classmate. In the year when I just joined the work, there was a classmate who was going to study in the United States. I treat him to see him off, and all the classmates arrived. I toast a glass of beer, but I didn’t drink it. At that time, I was anxious and said: If I Don’t Drink Chinese Wine today, I will drink foreign wine tomorrow. I didn’t expect that my classmate immediately turned his face and wanted to break the glass. Everyone was at a loss, and I was even more confused. I didn’t speak very seriously. After the event, my friend told me that this was the difference between students and people who went to the society. They only focused on academic research and were out of touch with the society. Up to now, this matter has become the joke of our classmates gathering. Indeed, wine tables are like life, and there are all kinds of learning. There are some people who drink a lot of wine, some who fight for fun, some who look on coldly, some who follow the trend, and even some who serve as foil. Later, I set three principles for myself to drink: never drink when I am not the host or guest; Never drink white wine when I drink with strangers for the first time; Never disrespect the second cup of wine when people with common relationships. The three principles are quite useful. I am seldom drunk and avoid losing my temper after drinking, but I may also lose some pride and romance after drinking. Not a word: life can have a few back drunk, not drunk when drunk? How many times do you get drunk in life? I think it is enough for three times: once you get drunk for your ideal, leaving your footprints in your life; Once you get drunk for your friends and for your mood, as a man, we are also affectionate and faithful; Once you get drunk for yourself, set a milestone on your way to maturity. I hit every seven, since 7 years ago I drunk first, then 7 years later I drunk again once more. 7 years later, I just 40-year-old, 40 perplexed, buhuozhinian drunk again, after not confused confused, not kuaizai! After sobering up, I realized the pain of drunkenness. From now on, I will stop drinking for a month. Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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