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Blog, popular literature, can not be too demanding. As Hong Mai, a litterateur and famous scholar in the Southern Song Dynasty, said in “the decree of Han Liu Wei Wen”: Learning from ancient times is fundamental, with broad thinking and magnificent momentum. But the tone should also be smooth and reasonable. It makes the article Smooth, brilliant, interesting and intriguing. It makes the article remote and thought-provoking. The language should be exquisite, concise and concise. It takes hardship and love as its priority, and writes Fu and poems, most of which are like this. The prosperity of ancient poetry is thanks to the ancient scientific research system. Since Han Dynasty, scientific examination has taken shape, gradually forming a system of selecting officials through examinations in feudal dynasties. Because the method of selecting scholars from different subjects was adopted, it was called imperial examination. From Sui Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasty, imperial examination system had been implemented for more than 300 years. By Ming Dynasty, imperial examination formed a complete system, which was divided into four levels: College Examination (that is, children’s examination), provincial examination, metropolitan examination and imperial examination, the content of the examination is basically Confucian classics, with four books and sentences as the topic, and the format of the article is eight-part essay. The explanation must be subject to Zhu Xi’s “four books and notes. However, due to the strict rhythm requirements, the development is also restricted to some extent, from the narration, yearning, praise and description of life to more or less targeted, even imitating, sitting in the room and thinking hard, it is out of the prosperous era originated from life. At that time, the relatively complete education of private schools and colleges made poetry develop along the path of rhythm. However, why are the poems and poems of Tang Dynasty prosperous and prosperous? In addition to social stability, there are few poems in the examination questions of scientific examination. The Southern Tang Dynasty was a peak of the development of Ci. However, due to the low tide of official career and the nostalgia of the country, the majority of CI words were loved by children on windy and snowy nights. However, like the erotic words collected in the collection of flowers, the profound emotion has risen to a limit. I dare not talk about poetry, but I suggest colleagues who are interested go to Gao Ping’s blog to sit down. Gao Ping is the chairman of Gansu Writers Association, a famous poet, and also my teacher and guide. His “Gao Ping poetry” was published on his blog, involving a wide range of fields related to poetry. When talking about writing poems on the Internet and the public, teacher Gao Ping said: first, the common people. Most of the authors are non-professional, male and female, old and young, all walks of life, and have a deep education background. If you want to write, you can write them. The second is spontaneity. The authors are not reluctant by any objective force and do not have to obey the orders of any group or individual. They are totally voluntary and even self-entertainment behaviors. The third is authenticity, because the Internet can be anonymous, without worrying too much, you can speak freely, boldly show your secrets and vent your inner things. (Of course, we should still keep the bottom line of society and morality, because this is the foundation of life). Due to the development of society and decades of suppression on Chinese studies, Jingle poetry and revolutionary poetry are advocated. The wind and snow night, children love each other, emotional feelings, concern for the country and the people, all included in the seal of the capital to combat criticism. The ancient poems learned by students in books are just those few sweat dripping down the grass and so on, and they don’t teach poetic rhyme, which also makes the culture of the motherland suffer a blow to some extent! Moreover, books like the famous and useful combination of poetry and rhyme have not been printed in the past five or ten years. Now it is available online, but it is not the original one. At least only part of it is taken out, which is very inappropriate. Therefore, the problems of how to save ancient poetry, how to develop ancient poetry and how to popularize ancient poetry have emerged. Like me, I am also deeply trapped in the contradiction of thinking and hesitation, lamenting and making progress. Teacher Gao Ping was invited to Shangrao, Jiangxi province in late April 2007 to participate in a series of activities commemorating the 800th anniversary of Xin Qiji’s death. During this period, he met Professor Zhang Yuqi from Shangrao Normal College, I talked about the rhyme of old-style poems written by people today. They had the same opinion. It is advocated to rhyme with Mandarin as the standard. As long as you can distinguish the four tones, you can know that Yin Ping and Yang Ping belong to flat tones, and the upsound and upsound belong to flat tones. If we insist on using plain water rhyme and so on, when the old generation is not there, the young people can’t master it. On the contrary, it will push the old poetry to the road of extinction. However, the antithesis between Chinese poetry and tones is the artistic achievement and traditional essence of Chinese poetry, which cannot be discarded. I also deeply understand and agree with it. Why did you talk about using rhythm? Because the initial stage of rhythm is formed gradually from the emotional wisdom. In order to write good poems, cultural people should have sentimental disposition. In fact, most of the good poems of ancient people came from their failure to succeed. Good poetry comes from life accumulation and thorough observation. Good Poems also come from hard and eventful autumn. As a great poet, Mao Zedong also had some poems that didn’t conform to the poetic charm, but they were completely accepted by people, because poems hummed on horseback were incomparable in style and caused by the accumulation of emotions, or life first. In ancient times, there were many poems with strong life atmosphere. For example: Xu Ling’s “Mandarin duck Fu”: when the pheasant reflects the water, the lonely Luan cannot be matched in the mirror. The world really grows and meets each other. There is no victory compared with two mandarin ducks. Huang Tingjian has: Pheasant photos show empty self-love, lonely Luan dance mirror is not double. The world really grew up and met each other. They slept against each other in Qiujiang. The subtlety of enlightenment comes from life. Lamenting the hardship of the world, as if looking at each other for six thousand miles, the world is across the country. Ten book nine less than, what a smile? “Delivery Brief”. Another example is “the night light of lunar January 15” written by Zhang Kuo of Tang Dynasty. The atmosphere of life is stronger: thousands of doors are unlocked and thousands of lights are bright, and the Middle lunar January moves the imperial capital. Three hundred insiders danced with one sleeve, and the lyrics were written in the sky for a while. Liu Yuxi was surrounded by the old country of the mountain siege, and the Tide hit the empty city lonely back. Bai Juyi thought: With it, the descendants could no longer say words. The poem sent by Guo Xing to Du Fu said: how many poems does Chunxing know? Du Fu replied: “The poems that care about medicine are always abandoned. Just like the bell chimes hanging on the shelf, when knocking, it should be repeated, with endless aftertaste. This is the true feeling of the poet. When reading ancient poems and ancient words, I found that ancient times paid attention to rhythm, but when it was mixed with the description of life and the melancholy of thoughts, there were also some sentences and words that were not suitable for rhythm, however, no one has ever criticized it, but it is all about the depth and breadth of poetry, the emotion of poetry and the sending of words and sentences. Therefore, in today’s Internet era, poetic charm should be advocated, but don’t criticize too much. In fact, some people who criticize others are still not satisfied. After one hundred years, the tradition of poetry is worrying, which is also one aspect of advocating the combination of ancient poetry rhythm and modern rhyme, hoping to be inherited. However, the development of poetry does not lie in the separation from life in imitation, nor can it read ancient poetry, learn to write, Parrot and learn how to speak, and draw a tiger according to cats. There is no way out. The Millennium Development of poetry is exactly the embodiment of life. In this sense, it should be allowed to write poems on the syllables used in reality, as long as you can distinguish the four tones, know that Yin Ping and Yang Ping belong to flat voice, and the upper voice and the outgoing voice belong to flat voice. Therefore, even if people who have no emotion or few emotions make the rhythm clear, they can only piece together words and poems, because rhythm represents emotion and is the note of emotion. Literature is human studies. Poetry is derived from human life with thinking ability. Emotion and affection are various. Not only refers to love. Including the happiness, anger and sorrow for the world, society, people and things, and the code of conduct brought by emotions. Therefore, a real poet should be an affectionate real poet, and it must be affectionate. Sentimental feelings are good feelings, and good feelings and kindness are bound to have more worries and sorrows. From caring for others, worrying about the country and the people, to hurting insects and birds, loving trees and flowers. The so-called love is sent to the eight wilderness, thinking for thousands of years, it is rare to have long-term joy, a moment of leisure. The bitterness and happiness of poets all lie in this. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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