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Words of a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language (8) xiv. Surprise and admiration when Gondwe and Wild introduced the school to us, they once said proudly, this may be the only school on Earth that teaches six languages at the same time. Gondwe kept his fingers straight. Here, our students need to learn English, French, Greek, Latin, and local qiqiwa. Now, because of our arrival, they are going to start learning Chinese. However, this is not all. Students here also need to learn history, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, computer and so on. Kamuzuacademy was originally established by Kamuzubanda, the first president of Malawian. The school was set up in the small town of Mthunthama where President Kamuzu was the first to receive education. At the beginning of its establishment, it aimed at cultivating future leaders. President Kamuzu said: WemusthaveeducatedboysandgirlswhowillbefittobeFutureLeadersandthatiswhattheacademyisintendedfor. However, the employee handbook sent by the school to every employee states the president’s idea in this way. The founder and futureleaders. NoteveryonecanbecomeHeadofState, leadershipqualities initsstudentsthatMalawianddevelopingcountriesintheregionwillneedinitsmanagers,administrators, producersandcareersinthenewmillennium. Therefore, this school should be ardenoflearning and adesiretoeducatethewholeman, and their goals should be: encouragestudentstodecolopapassionforlife-longlearning. And ngtheirroleintheglobalcommunity,whilstembracingthetraditionalculturalvaluesoffamilyandvillage. When I read the ideas of these founders, my heart was full of amazement and admiration. Under what kind of conditions, in the vast, poor and backward black Africa, a school with advanced ideas could appear unexpectedly. Here, the students will nod their heads gently when they see the teacher, greeting politely: Hellosir. Here, every teacher must appear in front of the students as a gentleman and lady. Here, girls are always allowed to wear only knee-length skirts, with black Round Heads and leather shoes, while boys can only wear shirts, ties, trousers and leather shoes. It is stipulated here that when you wear trousers, the legs of the trousers must pass the ankles and the Heels cannot touch the ground and cannot be rolled up, the regulations here can be detailed, such as where and when the students’ mobile phones can be used, where and when, etc. There are still many surprises that need me to find slowly. If I am the students here, I will certainly realize the difference between me and the surroundings from the bottom of my heart and the responsibility I shoulder to the world. I think, as a student here, I am really happy. Looking back, let’s talk about Chinese teaching. Although we just started the teaching task on the second day, what made us happy was that almost all the children in the school had already greeted us with Hello, even the workers in the school and the children of the workers. Children are very enthusiastic about learning Chinese. Many children even come to us voluntarily to ask for activity classes and learn Chinese. Before class in the afternoon, the school responsible person brought a white woman to me. The school responsible person told me that she came to Africa from a French radio station to record some classroom teaching, she expressed her hope to visit my class and record. She explained her purpose to the students, then randomly picked a seat beside the students and began to record. Very good. Next, I gave her a very happy Chinese class. The children spent the remaining two or ten minutes in laughter. After class, she asked the students several questions, such as why they seemed to be happy and chose to learn Chinese. In addition, Andrew invited us to observe his class. In this way, our teaching is on the right track. Fifteen. Living in the animal world when I was young, I always liked the “animal world” after the Zhengda Variety show every Saturday afternoon. When I turned on the TV, I heard a burst of light music cooperating with the running Picture of antelope, and then Zhao Zhongxiang’s vigorous voice. When the rainy season came, the African continent was full of vitality. Now I am in Africa, a vibrant land, it shocked me all the time. Maybe because I live in residential areas, it is almost impossible to see any kind of large animal. Even the famous Heina, I just hear its sound in the middle of the night, and I can’t see it with high shoulders and low hips, ugly, eyes shining in the dark night with the true expression of cold light. However, there are still other animals here rushing out fiercely, which will scare you, such as geek or lizard. But whether it is a geek or a lizard, Hey Hey, sorry, I really can’t distinguish, there are too many such things here. On the first day we arrived, we saw them climbing on the wall. When it was dawn, we felt like lizard when we approached. But Guo still thinks this is a geek. The size of Chinese Muggles is as big as the Palm (including the tail) as small as the finger, while the size here is as big as the palm. I can only say that there is no biggest but only bigger. The whole body of this creature is brown, and there are two parallel lines on the back, which are close to White, extending from the beginning to the tail. On the wall of the yard, it is not difficult for you to find ten in five minutes. If you walk on the path of the campus, there will be rustling sounds from the thick dead leaves on both sides of the road from time to time. Looking along the sound, sometimes you will see several leaves trembling lightly or a thin tail coming out, and then disappear. The accumulated leaves on both sides of the road are very thick, almost parallel to the road surface. Accidentally step on it, if you are not prepared, you may fall down, at least shake a few times. There is actually a deep ditch under the thick leaves. When the rainy season comes, the extra rainwater will be drained away through this deep ditch. It was the first time that I stepped into this deep ditch, and my body tilted. If I hadn’t been pulled by Guo, I would have fallen down. The dead leaves were rattled by me, almost submerged into my knees. Let one foot stand on the ground where nothing can be seen, and suddenly there was a fierce rustle again, as if a snake swam across the bottom. Suddenly I thought of the dense snakes in the snakes’ nests in the animal world. I was frightened in my heart. My body temperature dropped by at least half, and my back was numb, and my goose bumps fell by at least ten Jin. I jumped up suddenly, standing on the roadside, my heart beat. Calm down and think slowly, then I feel that there shouldn’t be snakes, it should be countless things like sticky Tigers. The first time I saw a real lizard was under the fence beside my home. As soon as we walked out, we saw a gray shadow passing by. Looking carefully, it turned out to be a lizard. Its skin was rough like Lacoste, with its head raised high, and its eyes were full of vigilance, just like a shrink dinosaur creeping from ancient times. I was so excited that I took out my camera and ran after it. The camera in my hand has no telephoto, so I have to get close to it. When I just reached the distance of nearly away from it, it turned around and stared at me. It crawled with four feet and ran away again, so I had to catch up. Then there was a scene like this: an Asian, holding a camera, bowed his back, crept on the road and ran away with a lizard, which made a black man laugh straight. The second time I saw a lizard was on the road. It was motionless in the middle of the road. We said it was dead and planned to poke it, but the colorful colors of this lizard scared us. According to common sense, the brighter things are, the more toxic they are. The lizard is blue, orange and brown. We looked around it for a long time, but we didn’t dare to touch it. A few days later, Guo suddenly told me that he saw a lizard half a meter long, and according to local people, there was another lizard nearly half a meter long in the school. In addition to surprise, I certainly have no other expression. Animal World was once the dream of a Chinese child, but today it is actually the place where I live! [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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