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[Introduction]]: if your lover is a blue sky, you are the gorgeous rainbow in the blue sky. If your lover is the harbor of my heart, you are the boat that stays on the shore. If your lover is the whole forest, you are the one in the forest. The largest tree if my lover gives me a happy life On Valentine’s Day on Tanabata, I suddenly remembered him, who was my classmate in high school. During the more than ten years’ student career, there were countless classmates. Some occasionally meet in the street, but they can’t call their names. There are only a few people who can remember their names, but there is just one of them. His name seems to have carved a mark on my heart, I’m afraid this life difficult to erase. It was him that made me develop the habit of keeping diaries, and it was also him that made me stop writing diaries from one day. In order to forget him, I tore up two thick diaries. In order to forget him, I escaped from the reunion of classmates again and again. I thought I could completely get rid of his shadow, but I didn’t expect that he became a wound that could not be healed in my heart. It is puzzling to fall in love with someone. Why? Maybe the reason why I can’t be a husband and wife is that I don’t have enough fate. I can break up but I can’t forget it smartly. This is the weakness of my character. We became the most familiar strangers. Later, they got married and had children. During a spring festival holiday several years ago, when I held a classmate party again, when I heard that he would go, I didn’t want to suppress myself any more. I really wanted to meet him. But after seeing him, how should I face it? I invited a female classmate to go with me. What I didn’t expect was that he could handle it so well. While I was still thinking about how to greet him, he immediately stretched out his hand and naturally said to me: old classmate, I haven’t seen you for many years! It was like we had never loved each other, just like we were just ordinary classmates. Did he forget me long ago. The place where we gathered was a four-star hotel with 20 seats and a large room. I have not seen a dozen of my classmates for many years. Now I am really happy to see all of them with a full face of spring breeze! After talking loudly and having a full meal, someone started to pick up the microphone and show off my singing voice. I was not in the mood to sing and I was not good at singing, so I stood up and said goodbye. But everyone didn’t agree, and those who didn’t sing were not allowed to leave. There was no way, so they had to find the simplest song Su Xiaoming’s “Night of the military port” to sing for a while. Although they didn’t sing well, everyone clapped, always give some face. All the classmates at this party left their contact information, namely their mobile phone numbers, and some even left QQ. In the third month after this party, when the willow branches beside the River sprouted, he called me and asked me if I had time on weekends. He wanted to drive with me to go hiking in the countryside. To be honest, I really want to go. I really want to talk to him alone and talk about each other’s life in recent years. I just talk to each other as a common classmate and friend. But I don’t think I should go. I am worried that if my husband knows, what should I do if I misunderstand? But I couldn’t refuse directly for fear of hurting his kindness. So I said that I would go to **place to do business on weekends, and I would contact you when I have time. Later, I also called several times, but I never mentioned the matter of going for an outing, so he stopped asking. If your lover is a blue sky, you are the gorgeous rainbow in the blue sky. If your lover is the harbor of my heart, you are the boat that stays on the shore. If your lover is the whole forest, you are the one in the forest. 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