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[Introduction] the memory of parents in Qingming Festival. If there is really heaven, I think my kind parents must live there. You have worked hard all your life and should have a rest. In those days of lack of food and clothing, you suffered yourself, but you made five children. Tomb Sweeping Day is coming,Read More



[Introduction] Seeing this scene, I always blame the demon for not appearing. I have been imagining the Master Xuanzang who was trembling in his mind. He would relieve his mind. Could he not help it? But it seems to be a game, the demon is the rule, it will appear at an appropriate time, constrainingRead More



After a day’s study, Xiao Mei and I strolled along the winding path in the green bush side by side. In the early spring night, the cool breeze was blowing gently, and the dim yellow and soft light poured on the two leisurely shadows quietly. That night, I chose to listen quietly. It was aRead More



[Introduction] the classic version of philosophy is dialogue. The motivation is curiosity and doubt. Premise is freedom. These all constitute the basis for a person to make great achievements in other disciplines. From the perspective of the whole world, a nation with developed philosophical thinking is terrible, while a nation with poor philosophical thinking isRead More


Know and

[Introduction] don’t forget that there is a lot of knowledge, just like the boundless sea. Only by perseverance and constant acquisition of knowledge can you become a knowledgeable person. Idle young, needy old, where there is a will. Three people, there must be my teacher. Reading history makes people wise, reading poetry makes people smart,Read More