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Because friends like to invest in stocks, and also because there are idle money owners around, they all like to talk about stocks. Although they have never touched stocks in their whole life, they also know a little about the movements of the rhythm curves of stocks, stop and walk, stop and go, ups and downs, instant variables, can completely tie the rhythm of stock speculators heartbeat. This stock is like the value curve of Western economics. With the change rule of cycle, it naturally has the change of ups and downs. People sometimes stop to wait and see in the hope and destruction of bull market and bear market, sometimes I stride forward, sometimes I cut meat for exchange, sometimes I laugh at the common people, sometimes I regret. In this kind of sinking and floating, the taste that I can chew is also thousands of kinds. Here, some have learned peace, some have learned to cry, some have learned to control, and some have learned to ponder. All kinds of things in the world show them. The ups and downs of stocks are like the ups and downs of life. It is the contest between money and wisdom, the balance between status and power, and the confrontation between mentality and mind. For people with or without money, they can experience an unprecedented stimulus in the ups and downs cycle, It gives people a strong sense of driving. It is a platform that can make men show their ambition and relax; It is the origin where women can dream of flowers. Therefore, it has a super irresistible beauty of temptation. It is hateful and cute. It gives you great joy for a while, and makes you regret for a while. The mood of your bullish and pessimistic mood is ups and downs. Therefore, people who invest in stocks can’t abandon it or read it. Mixed with sorrow and happiness, desire and ups and downs are obvious. It is really like the various styles and feelings of life. But this is exactly the feeling of breaking through the plain, breaking through the interesting taste of boredom. It is also the most difficult place for stock speculators to give up. On the edge of ups and downs of sinking and floating, it has experienced the ability of stock speculators to worry about gains and losses, and created the determination and choice of achievements and frustration of stock speculators. Junk stocks, potential stocks and blue chip stocks are essentially the prospect of people’s strength. The sonorous competition is just a man-made definition. Junk stocks are like a mediocre and failed person. After several ups and downs, what they leave to people is a sense of regret and helplessness, while the potential stocks are like young people in those years, giving people the beauty of expectation and hope, blue chip stocks are like defeated generals, giving people the beauty of arrogance and pride with enough Zhang Xian’s strength. State shares, legal person shares and individual shares all show the positioning of artificially defined rights and the floating and sinking of life. How much power you swear, how much tension you have, and how much control and relaxation you can fully show. Stock is like life, more like a gamble without profit or loss. Winning or losing is between steps, ups and downs are changing. With all the previous things, a sense of the gap between heaven and earth also arises spontaneously. Respect and inferiority, difference and good, poverty and wealth, rise and fall, sink and float, all of which breed the diversity of stock speculation. Isn’t life like this? Naturally, isn’t this the case? From the beginning of the day, the sunset shows the separation of life and death in the world, and flowers bloom and fade, showing the blooming and falling of the world. This is an irresistible law. Being in it does not lie in gain or loss, but only in feeling, which is a kind of balance and pleasure. The ups and downs of stocks are like the ups and downs of life. If you see through, play through, calm and peaceful, you will have a rare improvement. Friends of stock speculation, in the orientation of economy and value, in the change of curve rhythm, K-line analysis, average line Analysis, Volume-price analysis, no matter what kind of so-called scientific analysis, you can’t escape from the containment of a Ups and Downs rule. You can’t regard it as a paradise for gold digging, and you can’t be obsessed with the graceful movement of the stock curve, otherwise it will only become a chronic poison to kill your life. What is destroyed is not the human soul, but the material basis of life. Stock selection is more important than the background of industry, industry, economy and policy. For such kind of things, you must not be confused and make sensual mistakes, otherwise, the moment of sinking and floating will be frozen under your thought. Want to come, Only the investors who have learned how to control and know how to ponder are the most suitable ones to grasp the sinking and floating of the stock’s fate and pull the stock, the mighty scalper, up the hillside. It is also true that he is a stock tycoon without profit and loss, a real citizen who can taste the ups and downs of life best, and a natural person who does not depend on the choice of gain and loss. But after all, it is one of the few alternative elites. Can you find the real sinking and floating, rising and falling in it? The stock market is competing for hegemony, and life rises and falls sometimes. Stocks are also like life. Only through the ups and downs and ups and downs can you feel free and relaxed. This is probably the best realm of your life in stock trading… Yingzi made the New Year’s Eve of my WeChat era on the evening of November 2th, 2010 The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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