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Night West

Hobbies: sleep, Daze, photography. In August, 2009, I came to Saigon, and I was alone. I wear Armani T-shirts and a pair of comfortable climbing shoes. When I transferred from Kunming to Hanoi, I saw the setting sun giving off a strong hot smell at the tail. I thought it would be great if I died at this moment. I still insist that Ho Chi-ming is called Saigon. Others say that Saigon is the last romantic capital of the East. I am not here to look for romantic encounters, nor for relaxing travel, I only heard my steps heading here crazily. It is noisy and real here. Motorcycles run on the road in an orderly manner. There are many fruit stalls. You can buy sweet and fresh local juice just a few pieces. The extravagance and luxury of French architecture is like a dry old woman who has been raped repeatedly for several times without a complete soul. I lived in a small hotel near the Saigon River. The surrounding area was well-afforested. There were no tall buildings in the capital. The White Lily window creaked when the wind blew. Occasionally, when I woke up in the morning, there would be cuckoo standing on the windowsill, afraid of people, wanton singing. It seemed that there lived a long guest upstairs, and the Chinese hanging orchid hanging in my window was so enchanting that what a naked seduction. Go to a casual coffee shop on the street to have breakfast: bread, coffee, it seems to be back to the day of traveling in Paris in a flash. I like the Northern pasta, and the fried noodles made by my wife have a strong flavor of old Beijing. I remembered that every time she came home drunk after socializing, she would cook a bowl of noodles for me no matter how late she was. After breakfast, I went back to the guest room to sleep. I always lost sleep at night, and I was always woken up by the sound of high heels walking upstairs when I slept in the afternoon. I washed my face and went fishing in Mekong River. There were many lovers on the shore, or hug, or kiss, more tender under the sunset, occasionally there will be men and women doing business on the shore, yes, Saigon is a city looking for lovers of previous life or a moment today, we should learn to understand and feel relieved when facing these. Night to go to church here are it’s a beautiful church, find it, it’s in hunger moment find KFC never have to worry about acclimatized, it will slip-face affectionate hug you, whether you are travel-stained come back from you quiet staring blankly. There will be no anxiety or fear here. The only thing you can do is to knock on your heart and tell yourself where to do. AllezBooBar has a cocktail that I love to drink. It smells like the weather in Saigon, hot and bitter. In the evening, Saigon was charming and affectionate. No one asked you what your name was, what you did and whether you had money. I am a selfish man, or I wouldn’t yourself in here, lonely like a cannibal, devouring the final struggle and for resistance. When I got back to the hotel, I saw the tenant living upstairs, who was twenty-two years old, with rich black hair tangled together like seaweeds, wearing a black lace nightdress with suspenders, look lazy sitting in that window-seat smoking, painted cherry red nails, lovely, I quickly open lens, so, like poisoned General attracted to her. I guess she’s a writer, she must smoked mildseven. This is the 13th day I came here, and I fell in love with it. I told myself: Liao Chen, you’re a Saigon guy. Meet her again is in rexhotel open-air cafe. She focused on reading newspapers. I think she should be a native with the unique wheat skin color here. She wore a coarse dress, rose tulle tube top, and her hair was tied up casually, and then plug the flower Iris in above, indifference and believes that naughty cute. In this way, I captured one scene after another. HaiMan, I saw that girl on the stage. I was found, a little cramped. You like me for a long time! It is not a rhetorical question, but a affirmative sentence. She blinked her playful eyes. You are Chinese? I asked her in surprise and didn’t care about her question. Well, then I have a crush on you for a long time and she doesn’t listen to me. At that time, I saw her lighting David off in her hand. Now I admit that she is not as peaceful and soft as I imagined. I prefer now of her, not joonluu zao zuo. gou wei er. My name is Liao morning, from Beijing, you? I because opening with this a little bit corny and incomparably shy. Call me Liang Qianyu. She didn’t look at my eyes when she spoke in Hangzhou. It was impolite and her sentences were refined. A man like me faces such a woman. Interesting and boring. In Beijing, I ‘d be like, she’s crazy, but I in Saigon, I am a bum, I can fully understand this crazy. After reading the newspaper, she took a sip of coffee: I came to Vietnam to buy Miss Saigon’s perfume for a simple purpose, so from then on she insisted on asking me to call her: missaigon. She was not so indifferent when she first met her. She loved to laugh and had beautiful peach blossom eyes. I laughed that she was a demon, and the best thing she could do was to seduce others. She does not keep long fingernails, and she never cleans perfume. But came to Saigon for a bottle of perfume. She likes to wear skirts and can cook delicious coffee. She was never a pretty woman, but her whole body exudes the spicy smell of choking lipstick and opium poppy, with luxuriant branches and leaves. Am I poisoning, footsteps followed her to upstairs day ring high-heels room, her kicking off the shoes, open a old jukebox, inside is my favorite Paganini. It seems that I believe that Saigon is a city that doesn’t want to have sex. She batted eyes smile, asked me if I liked? I pulled her into my arms: Are you the devil sent by God? Then I was with the devil that night. She went to church with me and prayed like me. She was naughty and lovely. I frowned and scared her: God is very effective, be careful that you can’t find me when you go out! She looked at me cunningly: you forgot, I am spy sent by God to capture your passing vegetable market specially. I said to be an Italian Macaroni for her, and at this time I received a text message from my wife: children sick, when did you back. I suddenly so one Leng, remind of a wife love to eat meals, shallow given fierce jump slung my arm, blinked seemed to see through my distress, she can be smart enough to expose you and try to get rid of you: I will cook dinner to ensure it is delicious. We laugh and please forgive, I have a wife, also have small honey, also had many one-night stand, I and many rich bad man, like indiscriminately, but, I fell in love with beam shallow treated. Personal 15-year-old weird woman, like crazy in love with her. I-all-day and she hold together listen to music, ride with her car travel far outside, she has many small Smart, also let I found. I think she picture myself lived a little fox, cunning and kind, can cheated my mouth meat and me of sugar. And I am willing do these things. I never said I loved her, I am a proud man, I never in the affair, considered herself “old, but I in her presence will because old and low self-esteem, I want to be worthy of her, and I even put her alone in QQ group naively. She writes a lot of words, I like them, but I always say that I don’t have time to read those things. I don’t want to surrender to this true relationship. Many times with her will nameless feel soul is overlap, we crazy in love with each other, so near and as far. 2 yue fen Chinese new year, I told shallow give me to return to Beijing, because daughter very sick, she know, I that Love’s daughter, she has also and I said, if there is next life, certain do my daughter. But she listen to me to walk of time but very plain and laugh: We will meet? Her calm look made me heartbroken. She the fox, must be-out. I rubbed my he hair face in her forehead. I really don’t know what to say, I first time such a let a person, I so wanted to take her, suppository in my side, and I live. Before VN900 took off, it was 6:30. Liang Qianyu was still sleeping in the quilt. I looked at Ho Chi-ming and felt very sad. But Liao Chen, this was just an affair. Forget it. Pick-up is my wife, that never see no temper person. Always a pair of people who give you hug and warmth at any time. When she opened the door, she saw the cooked fried noodles in the living room. She said, “I will heat it for you. You can take a shower first. Daughter from room ran out, of my leg, Dad, Dad, you go where, how Don’t jelly? I kiss her face, she coaxed, suddenly remembered beam shallow treated too tired in my arms. Company processing is very good, have time to go to it she came of hot noodles no emotion. I knew Liao Chen covered me with a quilt on the day he left, but she didn’t leave any contact information. Miss Saigon was lying quietly beside the bedcabinet like a hat, that was all kinds of missaigon that Liao Chen bought for me in Saigon. So, I packed up all the perfumes, and he set foot on the same flight, I such worthless, don’t want to lose him. It was her wife who picked up the plane, quiet like Su Di, with a pool of tenderness. His car was a Range Rover. He once told me that it was an old boy’s car, only with dreams, is a not going anywhere of snail shells. His house for Beijing Pangu cell, his company is one of the good enterprise. His daughter jelly in city a kindergarten small class, his original than I thought rich. I in courtyard rented house, small hutong, occasionally rag old man shook rattle from front, morning liuniao uncle speaking Jingqiang talk, the sky is blue, white pigeons hordes of, not lonely. Front door that tree Big Pagoda Tree, Pagoda Tree next is a pair breakfast old man, greasy thick fritters but because old man of kind and with a good appetite. I gradually integrated into this called Forbidden City Place. {I came to your city, through the way you, imagine days without me you are lonely} through many streets, that’s in his camera sees, familiar and unfamiliar. I thought: Liao Chen passed by like this. What would he do if he knew I was always around him? Or when you look back at me, will you be as unprepared as when you found him taking photos of me? When thinking about this, I began to burst into tears. Liao Chen, I love you. I want to find you. We love each other. I smoked local Zhongnanhai, imagine you first learn bad, first smoking, is not also Zhongnanhai? I dangling Zhongnanhai survive again and night you, again with you and watch your life. You and your wife to pick up jelly, you hold jelly stubble tickle her, asked her in kindergarten naughty or nice, picture, look blessed never. I so brave heart? I tried to get to face them and hug you, and you kiss, smell you that good smell and taste. You go to the supermarket together, buy jelly snacks you like, and you only use that brand of shaving water. You hugged her waist and smiled naturally and kindly. It was your home. Should I destroy it? I never thought about marrying you. What am I greedy for now? All these make me envious and jealous. Liao morning, if later all is I do wrong, then you must be Seduce is I make mistakes. That morning open MSN, got your message: I dreamed about you on the beach a wedding, and it’s very romantic. And your parents, we are very happy. Yes, it was those few short words that made me have no regrets about the corpse on the street in the future. In the underground parking lot of your company, you opened the car door, and I sat on the co-pilot, hugged you and kissed you with all my strength. At the beginning, you struggled, when you smelt missaigon on my neck, you started to be crazy, taking off my clothes and shoes. Liao Chen, at that moment, I thought everything was real. You breathing heavily, you said: Beam shallow treated, you this bitch. Yes, you love Liang Qianyu so much that you even want to rub her into the bones. You don’t want to lose her. You have already regarded her as your lover. Finally Liao morning crying, like a little child, cover your face, I said: Liao morning, you don’t cry, I’m. We don’t separate. You also like the quadrangle and the breakfast of big locust trees at the gate. You can also go to the outdoor bar in Houhai with me on foot. I am satisfied, really, such. I went to the kindergarten to pick up jelly with you. You asked her to call my aunt. I said, “Jelly, call me mom. You scolded me to talk nonsense. I said it was my mother. Actually moment, I wanted to give you a child, you will love him love him. I fed a cat named a Hua with a very common name. A Hua has blue eyes and will run back when he is hungry. When I hold it, it will lie lazily in my arms, when I was full, I ran to the roof and walked around. Liao Chen said, “he wanted to marry me when I was holding a Hua, and didn’t want me to be unhappy. Liao chen ai eat my cooking, to company when I am home soup, you back will can’t wait to ask I do what delicious, you said Hangzhou girl beautiful and also will, homely. I thought we would stay together for a long time, but I was wrong. When I got home that day, I saw you and her shoes placed on the floor I cleaned. Wept tears. I’m crazy for you, beam shallow treated, what are you, wants to come, he suddenly to me thrilling, wants to go, easily to my heart was stuck with a dagger. Day just she discovered our relationship, I have and she showdown agreement divorce, you silly ass. Liao morning, I went to Madagascar, our soul, always need to constantly looking for export to comfort my, I think I was too selfish, I too want to have you, complete you, however, they are all talking nonsense. In 2011, Liang Qianyu returned to Hangzhou in March of Yangchun, gave birth to a son in Madagascar and returned to his mother. In 2011, Yangchun Liao Chen came to Hangzhou in March. He just wanted to feel the mysterious woman’s mood in Beijing at that time. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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