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There are often scenes of Sakura flying all over the sky in cherry blossom Ji “Magic City”. The mottled stars shake off through the cracks of dense branches and leaves. The trees are full of bright cherry blossoms, and the women whose silver hair flies and the robes turn, it is a beautiful picture beyond reach. Whenever I think of the beautiful bloom of cherry blossoms or the cruel regret, the memory is like the calm Lake swept by the breeze, gradually trance. The white glittering flame surrounded by the white petals, the shyness and silence that was about to be opened and covered, wrote down the incomprehensible Zen machine in my heart. The fragrance of cherry blossoms filled the campus Sky in April, and the always quiet garden was full of boys and girls who came to see cherry blossoms. They chased and jumped excitedly around the cherry trees, while I just stood far away at the end of the corridor, looking at their noise from afar. They came for the bustle, but Sakura never liked the noise, and she was always silent. A boy shook violently with his slender trunk in his hand. The girl beside him smiled happily. Cherry Petals floated to her and floated to the cold ground one after another. An inexplicable anger welled up in my heart. What are they doing?! I was about to cry for the encounter of cherry blossom. I hated my cowardice. Until now, I still hated myself for not stepping forward. Facing the boy’s eyes, I firmly said, “please let go! The people watching the scene of bustle left, and the garden was quiet again. I stumbled over, with tiny white petals spreading all over the floor, as if condemning my inaction. Guilty, I can only make a card, write: friend, you know what you shake is the tears of cherry blossoms, I hope they can look at it and cherish this fragile flower, I only hope to relieve the guilt in my heart. I don’t know whether there are cherry blossoms in ancient times, and whether there are cherry blossoms in the story that I like very much? Is there any trace of cherry blossoms on the flowery Lin’an qianmo that Princess Wu Yue has passed to enjoy the spring? Mo flowers butterfly fly, Jiangshan Judah is ancients non. The adherents went old for several times, and the long songs of the female tour slowly returned. The only pity is that there are few shadows of cherry blossoms in ancient poems. Cherry blossoms without literary ink pen decoration inevitably make people feel that there is a kind of historical heavy flavor of edification. In this respect, cherry blossoms are not as good as Peony, plum blossom and hibiscus. In “Magic City”, it is said that the clouds are full of cherry blossoms? Or full undead? Maybe the cherry blossom is so decisive, the decisive, the decisive, the decisive, and the soul blend together. However, whenever I try to describe cherry blossoms, I always hate that I can’t describe the beauty of cherry blossoms vividly and vividly. Things engraved in my life always feel superficial on the paper. I believe this sentence. For cherry blossoms, I have a sacred worship, not on the surface, but in the heart. Fireworks are in full bloom, and there is a kind of unspeakable loneliness. I once met a fireworks show at night. The fireworks blooming all over the sky are like clusters of flowers blooming and dying in a flash, like ripples rippling in circles and dying in an instant. I seemed to hear a gorgeous and ancient Li Song in the dark night. The song reached its climax and countless pink butterflies came suddenly. The cheers of the crowd were far away from me, and my heart was suddenly filled with silence and sadness. I think of the beautiful face with tears, the white water lily dotted on the silent Lake, and the gloomy Nocturne. The splendid fireworks feast reminded me of those cold and bleak scenes. The crowd gradually dispersed, and the quiet sky seemed extremely lonely and desolate. When the fireworks fell, it was vigorous, but when it withered, it was silent. The once gorgeous sky turned dark, and no trace of fireworks could be found any more. Just like what an unforgettable past, after years, there is no place to find a trace of imprint. In that winter full of snow, that boy without umbrella, the oath blocked by the door, the string of goodbye covered by snow, had gone away at any time. When the annual wheel passes by, there is only one sentence, the streamer is easy to throw people, red cherry, green banana. It is a lonely journey to meet fireworks. In the Lantern Festival that year, I forgot the noise around me for waiting for the fireworks. Maybe my heart was tied and everything was shapeless. All the brilliance would eventually be fixed into the most beautiful memory. 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