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[Introduction] Suzhou and Hangzhou chose to throw themselves into the net in order to save Anyang. When he was tortured to death by Lao Qi, he also hoped Bo Muran could treat Yan Han and Bo Ruixue well. And he himself chose hunger strike because he had no reason to stick to it. At first,Read More



[Introduction] I don’t have IQ, let alone EQ. I believe in others more than myself. When I am merciful, the laughter outside the window has begun to ripple. You can’t see a creature in the turbid sky, just like a complex mood but actually very simple. People’s desires are endless, and it seems that theRead More


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[Introduction] in the evening, we fried a hot and sour cabbage, a mashed potato and a pot of Laver egg soup. The beef is in the freezer without thawing, so it is full of vegetarian dishes. This is the most satisfying time for me to eat in Malawian. We fried a hot and sour cabbage,Read More



The love between us is a fairy tale or a joke. The first encounter in my memory was at the age of seventeen, the pure and ignorant age. At the beginning of school, I walked on the Boulevard of the school with heavy luggage, protesting that my parents asked me to bring so many thingsRead More