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[Introduction] although it is summer, I still feel a slight chill when I get up in the morning. The Wind loses no chance to light my clothes. The grand dance in summer is still going on, the fragrance scattered all over the floor! Late at night, is already lights gleam of the, illuminated for the lan shan still! It is light and soft! Sitting alone on the playground, writing the past with the words of pan-lead! The wind blows. Just as in those years, Zhu Yan has already been changed. We are no longer young! How much does it give people a feeling like a lifetime! A long time ago, I also watched the scenery like this, looking at the blue ink like silk and satin, and the glittering starlight on the blue blue falling all over the world! Then my heart softened with it! At that time, I like to sit on the railing and chew ice cream of various flavors, and I like the feeling that the slightly cool smell penetrates into every taste bud, it feels like the shining sunshine blows the fragrance of flowers all over the body! Then I would look at the shadowy figure on the court happily, full of joy! Thinking about that time, I really want to know if people always look for some warmth in their memory when they are sad, but I can’t keep it after all. They are involved in the spray of time, far away, disappeared, no one accompanied me to eat ice cream, no one helped me buy delicious hot roasted sweet potato, no more, when I feel sad, I can only think about it, after all, there are still warm memories to find. Then I put it down gently and watched it drift far away, maybe there are more valuable things in more distant places for me to treasure! There may be! Although it was summer, I still felt a slight chill when I got up in the morning. The wind lost no time in lightening my clothes. The grand dance in summer was still going on, with fragrance scattered all over the floor! Colorful, all over the mountains and plains, even the gentle smile on the corners of the mouth is full of rainbow-like background color! The people around me treat me well, and I am lonely and happy. However, behind every smile, I am tired only when I know it. When I am happy, my eyes will suddenly become sad, and then I feel sad! I also simply thought that since God had given me a complete life, I should live a good life. I was afraid that the life would be as plain as water drops, I also firmly believe that even distilled water can reflect the brilliance of the sun, but it also abruptly peels something back, making you unable to turn back as you wish, not because you don’t want to be happy, there are just some things that make you unable to laugh! Thinking of that thing, I felt very disappointed, but I still couldn’t get better. It had been a long time, and the long time had made a girl with a hundred times of confidence fade away! I really want to tell my parents not to rush about for this matter any more. I really love them. I recently read a book about Zhang Ailing, but I just like her exquisitely and exquisitely words for no reason! The first time to contact her works was because of the hot broadcast of “half a lifetime”. When seeing the great difficulties, man Zhen said to Shen Shijun: We can’t go back, we can’t go back! I couldn’t help crying! I finally understand that in my whole life, maybe you and I are both passers-by in each other’s life, like meteors passing through the sky, short and beautiful! A simple turn will make the world far away! I like Eileen Chang and the way she wears cheongsam. I always feel that she is a Lonely Orchid leaning against blue and white porcelain, which is simple, elegant and fragrant! Romantic and poetic like Lin Daiyu walking out of the Grand View Garden, but she is obviously very strong! Maybe she knows that life is not Lin Daiyu, and she won’t be much more beautiful because of crying! So she didn’t dance with sadness, so her life was so strong! Learning to make flowers is the kind sold in flower shops. Although it is not good enough, some simple flowers can still be made! Looking at them, I would be in a daze. It was elegant and clean to insert them in the vase diagonally, like a pure smile, but charming but not charming! In fact, it’s good to make a flower. You can see the world as a swordsman, because then you won’t miss or be sad any more. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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