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In my impression, Hanshou County government is a county government without walls. It was a thousand-year-old yew that I went to Hanshou to investigate and interview there with a professor friend the year before last, and I met a friend who was promoted to be the deputy county magistrate from Ren Yiguan, the Party secretary of my old hometown in Li county. On that day, she informed several directors of the agricultural department to accompany us and invited us to lunch. It was that time that I found that Hanshou County government didn’t build walls. There was a small square near the street, which was open and set up several flower beds and parking spaces. This is at least the only county government I have seen in Hunan without walls so far. After two years, I went to Hanshou last week. It was still like this. There was no wall in the county government. From time to time, primary school students passed in front of the building. The county public security bureau on the right has no wall and is close to the street. If the public security bureau sign was not hung, I thought it was a folk house. Only the county Party committee authorities adjacent to the left are a little different. There is an electric fence, but we don’t need to register when driving in. As far as I know, Hanshou has a good reputation as the hometown of soft-shelled turtles. It is said that raising soft-shelled turtles in the whole county can bring about one billion Industries a year. Eating soft-shelled turtles at Hanshou banquets is as simple as eating. Hanshou also has an elegant name, the hometown of poetry, which is different from the romantic horses of soft-shelled turtles. The water of the waves is clear, which can be washed by my tassel; The water of the waves is turbid, which can be washed by my feet. This is what I said. Hanshou also has a national wetland reserve of Dongting Lake, which has been developed into a wetland park now. Hanshou also has national titles such as the hometown of Pearl, the hometown of black poplar and the hometown of ramie. As far as I know, there is another person in Hanshou who is handsome Meng Qi and also called handsome Ke Jin, from Chenjiawan, Dongxiang, Hanshou County (now Potou town). 1927 nian 1 yue, CPC underground Hanshou County Party Committee established, handsome Ren county Party committee member. Her revolutionary career went through hardships, and her post-official went to the vice minister of the Organization Department of the Central Committee and died in 1998. According to a friend in Changsha, her nephew was Mei Kebao, who was the deputy secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. In Hanshou and the former residence of Shuai Mengqi, I also saw a street named after Mengqi Road in the county. Liu Dingqing, the current secretary of Hanshou County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China as I know, was from Li county, my hometown, and once worked as the secretary of Pang daomu, the vice governor at that time. It was said that when he was the county magistrate, at an investment promotion meeting, a Taiwanese businessman asked him what kind of work he was in charge of, and he was shocked: I was in charge of several deputy county governors. As far as I know, there is an old Mr. Yu from Jiangsu and Zhejiang province in Hanshou, who built a hotel in Taizi Temple not far from the county, where is Hanshou railway station of Shichang railway, it is near the exit from Changchang Expressway to Hanshou County. The hotel is called **Grand Hotel, which costs 70 million yuan and has a European style. It is like a palace, resplendent and magnificent, with all kinds of entertainment and leisure, and first-class facilities. Mr. Yu showed us his palace, such as KTV, bar, film and television Hall, Bath center, etc. It was beautifully decorated and luxurious, we also enjoyed the high-end sound in the film and television Hall and watched the large screen projection movie. Dining in his hotel at noon is very rich, of course, turtle is indispensable. We are here to help him plan and attract investment. Among them, there is a professor friend of Central South University, a partner of Mr. Yu, a real estate agent in Changsha, and a feng shui master who studies the Book of Changes, so on. All I know of Hanshou and a foreign economic institute of boss, in Clear Lake maximum enclosure project, a total investment of 0.3 billion, covers an area of san qian mu, campuses, with golf course. It is said that this 0.3 billion mainly bank capital, some estimates, at least 0.1 billion were hidden rules into some businessmen personal waist bag. My earliest impression of Hanshou was that in the 1990 s, a literary youth affiliated to the County Federation of Literature and Art established a literary journal “Canglang” at his own expense. The chief editor was Hu Shi, who was disabled due to poliomyelitis. This is a story from a beggar to a writer. At the age of twenty, he lived on begging and singing, and lived on the streets in the wind and rain for ten years. He wrote poems in an ethereal and elegant way. Now he is a member of Hunan Writers Association and vice chairman of Hanshou County Writers Association. Hanshou in addition to Mr. Mei officer to provincial and ministerial level, and worked as a Hunan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department minister, current State Press and Publication Administration deputy director of Jiang Jianguo. Jiang was born in Taojiang, Hanshou. I have heard his speeches for several times, seldom using lecture notes, quoting classics and telling them. I am quite particular about Mao Zedong’s theory and write a good running script. Besides, Hanshou’s allusions still need to be discovered and explored in the future. However, although Hanshou county government did not set up a wall, he went inside and saw that there were still two houses in the back. There were three houses in total, which made him deeply impressed by the Yamen. Another fly in the ointment was that the government building near the street did not hang the national emblem, nor did it seem to raise the national flag. If it were not for the sign of the People’s Government, I was afraid that it would not be a government agency. Without hanging the national emblem or raising the national flag, such a symbolic meaning would be gone. But after all, it is the only county government that I have seen in Hunan without walls so far. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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