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A person with deep sadness in his heart is a kind of happiness from another perspective. Under the figure who is busy for life, a time when class is over, a chance to pause and a daze of eyes are all pure self. Sadness is like a poisonous snake, spreading in the heart, unable toRead More


When sense

This story is very long, a brief description tells the pain in my heart. My name is Han Wenjie, and I have a rough life history. Because my father’s factory went bankrupt, I said goodbye to school at the age of 15 and started to enter the society. By chance, I realized my dream ofRead More



In the history of China, there is no mountain more gentle than Mount Lu. The ancients refer to mountains, which are divided into mountain fun, mountain bone and mountain spirit. The so-called interest of the mountain is water, and the bone of the mountain is stone. Of course, the spirit of the mountain is theRead More