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It was already over eight o’clock at night, and suddenly I heard that the movie was shown in the neighboring village. Under the repeated request of my younger brother, we went to the movie together. May really many. The road which was originally very wide also seemed tight. The movie has not been shown yet,Read More



The sun was baking the earth, very persistent. It was already over seven o’clock in the afternoon, and there was no sign of sympathy. The sun was still dazzling, and even the clouds in the sky were burnt into a flame, occasionally, a gust of wind flew over the crops along the roadside, which wasRead More


Memories is dead

Love in the world is too pale, saying love is like a heavy punishment! The love in the world is too great again. I fell in love with memory and became a prisoner of death. There is no complaint to carry you and my love on earth! Love with you is impossible, and memory canRead More



All units have reported the program prepared for the celebration of July 1. In the afternoon (the boss) arranged for us to go to the scene to have a look. This time, the scope was expanded to enterprises. Cai jiapo West machine and 702 all went there, the rehearsal atmosphere is very strong, the actorsRead More