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[Introduction] in the age when I didn’t understand love, I made a good wish. I had to love someone bravely in my life, and I didn’t even know my heart hurt when I loved him! Whether the ending is perfect or not? I don’t care, I don’t regret after experiencing it, it is romantic! I like to let my soul drift and wander. A person carrying a simple bag is like the mysterious woman San Mao who is in the vast desert, preferring to be lonely and frost, but also to turn the blood into roses to bloom; I will carefully care for a small flower named Yimi. Although the flowering period is short, the three-year effort is only for opening up, just like my dream for many years. I have never given up the desire to drift. Some people say that happy people will not travel far. Maybe! Maybe the long journey is just to find the destination of the heart, and the long journey is just to pursue the comfort of the soul. Every soul is lonely, and we say goodbye to loneliness until we meet another similar soul and the tacit understanding in our hands, guiding us to the future. Met, but somehow, accidentally missed, another person wandering in this world, continue to find his so-called happiness. Maybe happiness needs to be pursued all the time. The value of happiness lies here. If we get and hold it so easily, then we will not pursue it all the time, and it will become worthless. In fact, we can’t deny that happiness is actually very simple. To be with the person you love is also the person you love, that is happiness! But emotion is such an incomprehensible thing. In fact, I don’t know why it is. The relationship is so faded day by day, not true: The sea is dry, the stone is broken, the sky is broken, and the Earth is split, so I can’t fall in love, but, Heart, tired. Original, again beautiful oath not above fleeting time, love each other again people stand up to realistic. I thought that I would love you very much, love you very much, until the last breath left, it was still your name, but in the years when we thought we were still deeply in love, heart, but it has already begun to be separated. The farther you went, the farther you went, and finally you couldn’t go back. My friend said: I am a stubborn woman who has hopeless persistence to love, living for love and dying for love. I don’t want to refute: What about such a woman! I appreciate all the people who are persistent in love. Maybe I am really afraid of loneliness, and I am not used to enjoying loneliness, but I don’t meet that person. I would rather be lonely. Since I can’t find the umbrella I like, I would rather continue to get wet in the rain! Don’t quarrel, don’t feel wronged, just wait quietly alone, believe that the beauty will come! I believe that in this complicated world, there is always someone who understands me, loves me, is waiting for me, and embraces all of me unconditionally. No matter where he is, no matter when he will meet him, he is always waiting for me. Maybe we are all looking for each other. On a difficult morning, in this way, we pass by the crowd of Xi Lai people at the corner of a strange city. We have a familiar feeling, but we will not just say one word, are you here too? Or maybe, we missed earlier: I was not born, and I was old. In the age when I didn’t understand love, I made a good wish. I had to love someone bravely in my whole life, and I didn’t even know how painful I was! Whether the ending is perfect or not? I don’t care, I don’t regret after experiencing it, it is romantic! There is nothing to regret in life, why not turn the regret you think into a beautiful thing worth recalling! I believe that I am still a real person. Willing to be tolerant, understand understanding and believe in love. I am just stubborn to the pure land in my heart, maybe just a sentence, a poem, a book. Not allowed dust. 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