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Don’t want

Waiting for thousands of years is only for the meeting in this life. The Buddha said: I am willing to wait for one thousand years. Have you heard? The rolling waves flow into the sea, letting love sprinkle in the water and turn into a white cloud. I put up our past time with woodenRead More



Today, walking on the street, I saw yellow flowers piled up all over the ground, and autumn came. Half-curved crescent moon hung in the blue sky, and the bright rays of sunlight in the distance were shining with new light, which was obscure and affectionate. A lake of Autumn Water reflects your beautiful image andRead More



[Introduction] looking around, the peach blossom is really falling red like rain! No wonder most of the poems written on fallen flowers for thousands of years are sentimental. The song written by Li Yu, the Queen master of Tang Dynasty, was totally a sad sentiment. Lin Daiyu’s song of Burying Flowers was even more unknownRead More


I don’t

[Introduction] I love competition and am excited by being able to participate in real battles. I hope to learn from the wisdom of scholars, the alertness of businessmen, the steadfast diligence of farmers and the determination and toughness of soldiers, to create excellence and pursue perfection, I advocate honesty, professionalism, cooperation and progress….. Wolf travelRead More


Not back

Facing the friendship in the past, I still can’t forget those little things and always think of them. You will always walk into your door quietly to see your recent status. I missed the days when I was together and also paid the most sincere feelings. I felt each other’s warm words when they neededRead More