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Finally, today, on the day I expected, I made a choice. I ‘d better die. Nothing is reluctant and nothing is worth recalling, what’s more, nothing is worth worrying about. Sometimes, you don’t need to know a thing in detail, just a little subtle to extreme actions, words, eyes, we can know the inevitability of the result. Students say that many things are necessary, which is undoubted and necessary. Moreover, there is no retreat, and there is no retreat, on the road of life, in fact, the hardest thing is not to overcome the thorns on one road, but to choose at the intersection. It is because of the unknowable future that I hesitate to choose, for fear of losing, I want to get it, I want to be lazy, I want to covet it, but these words don’t have all the commendatory and derogatory meanings when they are used on it, because at this time it is the time when everyone decides the length of life, there is no so-called nobility. For the future, these must be considered. Now it is determined that they are all necessary. There is no need to avoid them! I started the class for a day, and there was nothing lost. I just didn’t understand anything in geography class, and it took another class to understand all the problems, as for what I was doing in class, I didn’t know. I just knew that I didn’t see the teacher’s face clearly. It was a lot far away. The seat was in the back. I couldn’t see or hear clearly. It turned out that, the distant distance can be separated a lot. Even the knowledge can’t be learned within a short distance. It’s not because of hard work, but distance! She told me that sometimes distance could eliminate all the good and bad things. At that time, I said that distance could be shortened in front of sincerity. Now it seems that this distance can’t be said no, it can’t be said that it can be overcome. It can only be said that it began to produce, it began to devour me, and it gradually destroyed the spirit. The science class was taken as a joke by me again. After listening to music, I looked at science books without tune. To be honest, there are still a long time to go in this way, but I can’t have such kind of mood any more. People, you can’t keep dragging like this, and you can’t deceive yourself like this. Therefore, now, you can only gradually return to an initial state and draw every stroke carefully. I downloaded a few songs on MP4, but only listened to three of them, repeated and tasted. I did more than ten pages of exercise books in one night, and cut through the places I wrote crazily with the most evil psychology, revealing the most essential color. I like this, although I still need to review my study, but such craziness should belong to the boredom in learning. It is better to tear it up without any explanation, because these things are only worthy of being called exercises, not life, present, future, or even the next life, useless! Useless! Learning is not such a rigid dogma! Enough! I should be rebellious. No one shouted, so I was allowed to run wild on my own territory and make unnecessary struggles on my own territory. I felt very happy. Looking at the shabby books, I felt distressed, because what I just paid was completely lost after a period of uncalm. In my mind, my memory is still there, and I have not lost it! Without Sorrow! The deafening sound of tearing books is still in my ears. The manic temper should be like this. The nature is like this. Who has no wildness and impulse. Think about whether all the choices need to be determined, whether they all need to be engraved on the World Declaration, whether they all need to be engraved …… now, only you know your own requirements, appearance, it doesn’t represent anything any more. You can create beauty without a handsome face, and you can choose to be open-minded. I ‘ve always wanted to see a meteor, even one, but I haven’t seen it in 17 years. I hope I can see it once in 18 years, it is not like everyone making a beautiful wish when the meteor falls to the ground. I just want to see whether there is sadness and nostalgia for the universe in my eyes at the moment when the meteor falls to the world, maybe, it was just a little bright light disappearing instantly. I just saw a light that went out slowly. It was just passing through the air. I let it into the soil and slowly disappeared, I also have tears in the universe. In a corner of the earth …… I heard that there is a kind of love called letting go, which must be the result of self-comfort. If the person you love most wants to leave, see how you can find the reason to let go. The lyrics of this game can represent a feeling, a satirical psychology, too explicit, like emotion, every sentence is so sensitive that it becomes a stroke in the book of life and death. When to eliminate all the strokes with emotion, that is Detachment. But on this road, how many people died on the way, not because of how rough it was, but because of her, he, it hurt her at the same time, he, its heart, at a certain moment they died at the same time, disappeared at the same time, on the life and death book, I wrote down my ignorant name heavily, because Because they should have existed for a longer time, let’s say, how many things like this happen around them, aren’t they also on the way? But the last stroke has not been finished yet. I am still hesitating and thinking. I can only smile and say to myself: too silly, really, there is no choice. However, we still walked slowly on this road. Maybe, this is destiny. Some people have no chance here. Am I one of them? Or am I dead? Unclear thoughts, messy! Why did I start to curl up in the wind? Why did I start to tremble in the wind? Why did I start to cry in the wind? What a strong wind, but I couldn’t scrape away the heavy hot air in my chest. I protected it tightly, life is also fragile in a gust of wind. I wrote a lot and thought a lot. I really chose to die. Don’t hesitate. Some things are not born, but some things do not belong to me, I don’t want those who belong to me to hold tightly. When will the hot air spread out on my chest? But the blowing of time will make her disappear. Can she come back? No longer insist; Can you come back? I can’t understand; It’s hard to know if I can come back…… [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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